January 16, 2013

Hi guys! I meant to do this tag, ummmm, 6 months ago and only now got to it:

We all have little "imperfections" or things that we don't like ourselves. Often times, we are the only ones who are really self-conscious about it, but those "imperfections" are what makes us unique.

There's this tag going around on Youtube, started by AndreasChoice. It's such a fun tag, and since I don't make Youtube videos, I thought it'd be interesting to bring it to blogger ^_^

Tag: List 3 imperfections that make you "you", and then list 3 things that you like about yourself.

3 Imperfections

1) My skin - It's very sensitive to everything under the sun....I break out in hives over the littlest thing! AND it burns within seconds when exposed to direct sunlight. It's weird coz I'm not even fair but don't know a lot of people who burn as badly as me. I also have hairy arms and all thanks to being Persian (waking is my friend)....ya, not a fan of my skin or what's on it.

2) My abs - I have not been able to get my 6 pack back since I was 18 :/ granted I was getting there when I got pregnant and I'm working my way there but boy it is a painful and slow progress!

3) My butt - as in, it's not big enough. It's not flat or anything, but because of my large breasts it even looks smaller than it really is :( I know how to dress it to get the most potential though so no biggy :D

3 Loves

1) My eyes - by far the first thing I get compliments on. They have kind of an almond shape so look bedroom-y and I like the amber shade. They can look more brown, gold or even green depending on what makeup I wear.

2) My nails - I have naturally long and very strong nails. They look amazing for modelling nail polishes and I like to change my polish everyday. I often ask if I wear fake nails (I never have) or what treatment I use (I use none).

3) My breasts - lol, this one is more of love and hate but most of the time I love being big chested. I also like the fact that I don't droop or anything despite my size and can rock the hell of a cleavage when the occasion is appropriate.

Consider yourselves tagged! And if you do this, please let me know as I love to read your answers.

2 Responses to "Tag - My Perfect Imperfection"

  1. Leanne : A Little Bit Fab Says:

    I love that you did the things you love about yourself after the imperfections - we all have imperfections but it reminded me that we all have our beautiful bits too! xx

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks Leanne :) I think it keeps one from being too vain and yet not be insecure

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