April 16, 2013

I'm not really the best at nail design. In fact I think I kinda suck at it. But every once in a while I feel like trying my hands at it again. I did a neon and neutral polka dot mani this past weekend that turned out ok. Here's a picture:

 photo f674b226-26b1-4a0a-830b-635a2f488838_zps0f4d6e54.jpg

And this is what I used:
 photo 76739762-5388-46b0-a6d8-814b7d53c91a_zps9a35ce2b.jpg
Essie Haute as Hello, Essie Sand Tropez, OPI top coat and a dotting tool from Sally's.

I first applied 2 medium layers of Essie Haute as Hello and waited for it to dry. Then used the dotting tool to do the polka dots with Essie Sand Tropez. If you want them to look symmetric and even, first do three vertical dots in the middle of the nail bed and then two dots on each side. I also found it was easier to put a drop of my dotting shade on a plastic surface and then dip the dotting tool. I finished with a coat of OPI top coat. It's rare for me to do topcoat as I change my polish every day. But when I spend the extra effort and do some design, I keep my mani for a bit longer ;)

 photo e64d9460-0d28-4978-a53b-bda80f61f15e_zpsaea42708.jpg

I think I will do this again next time with more contrasting colours. This one here is more subtle and I wanted it this way as I was afraid it won't come out great.

What are some freehand nail designs you like to do on yourself? Feel free to share links to your nail posts on this :)

6 Responses to "Neon and Neutral Polka Dot Nails"

  1. Chantel Says:

    Nice nails, love the design.

  2. Andee Layne Says:

    oh i love this!

  3. Alexandra Hovatter Says:

    I think it would be nice to contrast it more, but I do love the subtlety of these colors. Excellent color combo... It's perfect for spring!

  4. Shayla Says:

    Looks cute! Not a conventional color combination, but it works!

    I bet you would LOOOOOVE Konad if you think you suck at nail art (which I don't think you do). Ever played with it at all?

  5. Maryam Maquillage Says:

    So super cute!! I love that color combo :))

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks ladies :) glad you liked this experiment...I shall try my hands at nail art again

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