April 6, 2013

Hi guys! I was in the mall yesterday and decided to treat myself to a few new lipsticks. I may have a drawer full of them but lipsticks are an inexpensive way to make this mama happy. Here's the total damage:

 photo f068cff2-f648-4a9f-9554-686cc21ec137_zps3e382e41.jpg

First I swung by my local MAC store and saw that they had the fashion set lipsticks out. I know everyone was going nuts for Heroin but I'm not too much of a purple lips person. I opted for Silly and Ablaze lipsticks.

Here's Silly lipstick; a gorgeous cool toned medium pink:

 photo a2fdd453-83d1-484b-a45d-7c6112476cb7_zpsb7e098a3.jpg

I thought Silly which has a matte texture would be similar to Pink Nouveau but ended up being a touch cooler. Chanel Super is totally different texture but closer in colour. I love shades like this and believe that cool pink look gorgeous with smokey eyes or no eye makeup at all.

Here are some comparisons:

 photo b31295cf-a82c-4986-a3bb-5ed4e1acb673_zps4f1dbccf.jpg
Left to right: Chanel Super, MAC Pink Nouveau, MAC Silly

And me wearing Silly with very subtle eye makeup:

 photo ec91c0a2-3140-4ef4-a938-c61fc0905e9c_zps4a970ddd.jpg

Here's Ablaze lipstick; a beautiful matte red coral:

 photo a1448262-4169-441c-b89a-999f36415d98_zpsc139bc84.jpg

I think Ablaze is a universally flattering coral. It's not as neon as MAC Toxic Tale (LE) or as pink as Chanel Genial RA (LE). It has a slight sheen to it so you should be ok if mattes generally terrify you or you find them too harsh.

Some comparisons for you guys:

 photo c7fbb58e-6aa3-4319-9b51-8b8aeb275f57_zps5a9646c4.jpg
Left to right: Chanel Genial RA, MAC Toxic Tale, MAC Ablaze

And me wearing Ablaze with the same makeup as above. I'm not wearing a lip liner:

 photo e7473443-3722-4ad9-ac47-3666933237cd_zps43d71c20.jpg

I left MAC to check out the new Nars Satin Lip Pencils at my Nars counter inside the Bay. I've been counting days to the arrival of these babies. You guys know Nars is my favourite brand and any launch of theirs always has my interest. Of course I was doubly excited coz I looooove their lip pencils.

I swatched and swatched and left with Luxembourg...well for now. I'm already a fan of this new product. It applies smoothly and is not drying. I actually tried every.single.shade available and there was not a fluke in the bunch. All are saturated shades even on my very red pigmented lips. I opted for Luxemburg as pinky reds are the best shades to brighten my complexion. I think this one is a safe bet for all complexions.

Here's Luxembourg Satin Lip Pencil; most sophisticated berry:

 photo ccb5d84b-3e48-4638-a378-395c61b933c2_zps21264f7c.jpg

And some comparisons with lip products I though might compare. Chanel Palpitante RA is more red and Chanel Cambon is warmer. Luxembourg also has a much shiny appearance and is easier to wear without a lip pencil:

 photo 3243a238-be2d-43c5-854a-dbb43160af5d_zpsff6ab52f.jpg
Left to right: Chanel Cambon RC, Chanel Palpitante RA, Nars Luxembourg

here's a shot of me wearing Luxemburg. My hubby loves this one on me:

 photo 16720376-70b7-43ca-8b94-4314e49c81d5_zpsc3237742.jpg

So I left the mall happy and giddy. Nothing like a couple of lipsticks to make my day. Did you guys purchase any new lip products lately?

4 Responses to "Recent Lipstick Acquisition - MAC Silly and Ablaze and Nars Luxembourg"

  1. Kate MacDonald Says:

    Amazing shades on you and so perfect for Summer. I opted not to get Ablaze, since I have Toxic Tale, but it would definitely be a priority for me if not. Luxmbourg is definitely on my list from Nars, along with about four more of those magic little pencils.

  2. Shuikaybb Says:

    MAC Silly really looks like a nice shade!


  3. Sofia Donatelli Says:

    Thanks for all the tips.

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post 'Luxurious Snake Print'. I think you'll like it .



  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Kate - thank you! I got Ablaze anyway, it's a bit less neon than Toxic Tale. maaan I want too many of those Nars pencils, they are all gorgeous!

    Shuikaybb - Silly is an amazing barbie pink shade :)

    Sofia - thank you, shall check you out :)

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