So MAC has put out two new collections within the last couple of weeks: Monogram (MAC's anual couture collection) and Metal Urge. Guess what? I have not bought one single item from either of these collections! I know it's shocking to me too!!! I think I'm at a point where I realize I probably have enough makeup. It's weird but I think my MAC addiction is dying (if that's even possible). At least I think that I may be focusing more on the perm line and only pick up LE things that are extremely unique.

Now I wanted to try the new Metal Urge creme shadows but then I hear that they have the same formulation as last year's crap shadows. Those bitches creased on me like no tomorrow so I returned one and gave away the other. The pigments look kinda boring to me except for Spiritualize so I may get a sample of that later. I have 12 full jars of pigments and everything else is sample size. The liquid last liners I'm not a fan of at all, especially hate the brush they come with so this collection was an easy skip for me.

The Monogram collection looked interesting (package-wise) when I looked at the pics online. However, I saw the collection if person today and the packaging doesn't look as good as I thought. Also, I really liked the red lipstick and was going to get it, but I have three red MAC lipsticks (Port Red, So Scarlet and Russian Red) and though I love all three, there are not too many occasions where I can wear red lipstick. So I came to my senses and skipped this collection as well.

So this was kinda my frustration for today. Though perhaps I should be happy as I can now save more money toward other pretty things and also get a chance to play with my existing stash. We shall see...

2 Responses to "No MAC for a month?"

  1. Shayla Says:

    I totally understand where you're coming from, Sandy. I ended up hitting the mall (and MAC) today, and saw the Monogram collection. *yawn* The only thing I picked up from Metal Urge was Spiritualize. If you want we could do some pigment trades (sample size) since I have quite a few PRO pigments from my trip to Vegas, and I'm sure you have a few that I'd be interested in trying (since I don't have a ton of non-PRO pigments). Just a suggestion...let me know what you think!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    ooh, that's a great idea Shayla! I have full size pigments in Chartreuse, Emerald Green, Pink Pearl, Violet, Mutiny, Vanilla, Blonde's Gold, Heritage Rouge, Blue Brown, Melon, Rose and Tan. Let me know which one you would like and also tell me which pigments you have in your collection (I'm def interested in Spiritualize sample)

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