I recently received two triple awards from two of my fellow bloggers and friends Shayla from Reflections of a Reve Noir and Beda from Beda's Beauty Blog. I'm excited to receive this award twice. I mean, I didn't receive a lot of awards growing up (except maybe my karate medals), so to know that ppl read my random thoughts and hopefully like my FOTD's just makes me so happy I want to cry!

The triple award is compoesed of three categories all assembled into one: Sisterhood Award, Best Friend Award and Lemonade Award.

Thank you again Beda and Shayla for this award. You have made my day and I'm happy to be following both of your blogs and get inspired by your FOTD's and your great work. So here are my award recepiants (I think it's the first time I've ever used this term...heheh):

1. Reflections of a Reve Noir - thanks for your beautiful looks and your friendship
2. Beda's Beauty Blog - My makeup lovin engineer sista from another motha
3. Diva 4 Less - You're actually the reason why I started blogging
4. Makeup Geek - I don't post on your blog a lot but always admire your work Marlena
5. Polish Pixie - Thanks for the beautiful np swatches and giving me more lemmings!

Ok, hope I did this correctly! Please make sure you visit the blogs I've listed. All amazingly talented ladies and I'm so lucky to have found them through this bloggging business :)

3 Responses to "Triple Award - I'm So honoured!"

  1. Pixie Says:

    Thank you so much, hon! I love your blog :)

  2. Shayla Says:

    Thanks Saadeh! I love following your blog, too :) Btw - I think it's neat you were into karate (still are?) I allllllllmost have my black belt in Taekwondo but had to stop before the end of high school because of my exchange and never got back into it...

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    np guys, I love both of your blogs :)

    Shayla, I had a browon belt in karate, I stopped when I started university and never went back :/ we have similar situations

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