After posting about my new lipstick storage, I decided I post my entire vanity area here too. I store my makeup in the two top drawers of my vanity and the rest is for lingerie, tanks, scarves....

Here's everything stored
storage 1

Drawer containing my lip products, blushes, highlighters and some sample pigments

Drawer containing my palettes, pigments, paints, paint pots and random single eyeshadows

Left side of my vanity, where I keep perfumes and hair products

Right side of my vanity, where I keep foundations/primers, brushes, eyeliners/mascaras. The box with the animal print is where I keep most of my nail polish. The smaller box is where I keep random samples I'm trying out plus my lips balms and Benefit browsing)

2 Responses to "Where it all lives"

  1. Shining*Sttar Says:

    I just love seeing everyones makeup space!!! I dont know why, but it just excites me!!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    I like to look at other ppl's storage too, somehow it makes me happy :) Maybe it's time you post yours so the rest of us can peek ;)

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