Ok, Here's my funny story of the day:

I woke up a little late today and did my makeup wearing my towel and then just threw some clothes on, including a button down shirt I hadn't worn since last fall. What I didn't realize in my hurry was that the shirt was a little too small now and the top two buttons were a little loose. So I get to the office, pick up some stuff I needed for my site review this morning and quickly drove to the site (which was in the Civic Hospital). So imagine me with my big pink bag around my shoulders, a video camera, a set of drawings and hard hat running up the stairs and the top two buttons coming undone without me noticing :/

I get to the appointment location finally to meet up with the hospital project manager and his team where they were going to be trained on some new equipment. I was supposed to videotape and coordinate the session. This was a tiny room btw and I was standing directly in front of the manager and trying to set up my camera when I notice that he's staring right at my boobs! He was so obvious about it that I noticed right away! I tried not too flush and discretely fix the situation but the spot we were all at was so tight it was hard to turn around and button everything up. Anyhuw, he left shortly after and I doubt anyone else had noticed my situation but I could not focus at all after that! What makes it worse is that I'm like the only woman on my field, it took for ever to gain respect of all the guys and now this!!! And our company has ongoing contract with the hospital so I deal with the same manager every freakin week!!!

Anyway, enough of that, moving on to the look. I hope you had a good laugh!

Same as usual
Eversun bpb
Sunspill loose bp

Painterly p/p - base
Golden Lemon p/m - base for lid
Bright Future e/s - lid (I don't think this is yellow enough, I need to get MUFE's yellow e/s)
Heritage Rouge e/s - crease
Melon p/m - above crease
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Stila Bronze Smudge Pot - line upper lashline
UD Baked 24/7 e/l - lower lashline

Spirit l/s
Gold Rebel l/g





3 Responses to "FOTD and embarassing moment in my day!"

  1. Beda Says:

    LOL, sorry, but I had to laugh. Funny how a little mistake can drive men crazy. And your makeup today was so beautiful, you will be now known as the super hot engineer!

    Well, nothing can be done now but just laugh. If the guy keep staring at your boobs, next time snap your fingers and say out loud: HEY, UP HERE!

    PS: Oh yeah, I know what you mean about gaining respect in the field. It took me a long time to get some respect too, Gosh!

  2. Shayla Says:

    I've actually had a similar situation like this happen, but it was with my boss, lol.

    The other guy he was talking with (a previous employee) called around the corner and was like "Shayla, your button came undone" and it was just like "CRAP!"


  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    lol, thanks guys, it felt good to share this with you. I was laughing about it by end of the day, lol! I'm not easily embarrassed but this was not good!

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