I had a blast in B.C. We were walking pretty much from early morning to late night to see all the places we wanted to see and do all the things we wanted to do. I actually hardly wore any makeup when I was there. Mostly just liner and lipstick. The sun was out every day though and I got a lil bit of burn plus some tan :)

I feel like not wearing makeup for about 10 days has made me rusty a little bit. The blending is a little off in this look but I shall come back around, lol.

MSFN Medim Plus
Sculpt Sculpting Powder
Cantaloup blush - I think I'm in love!
BB Apricot shimmer brick

Greenstroke p/p - base
Gorgeous Gold e/s - inner lid
Amber lights e/s - outer lid
Bio Green e/s - crease
Deep Blue Green p/m - outer v
Vanilla p/m - highlight
Lise Watier Black Teal e/l - to line
Pure White Chromoline - water line

Marquise D' l/s
Gold Rebel l/g





2 Responses to "I'm back with a green look"

  1. Shayla Says:

    I love the last pic...the colors work awesome together!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thanks Shayla, somehow I'm still not feeling this look :/

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