July 8, 2010

Hey guys! I am so excited coz I was finally able to see MAC's new Alice + Olivia collection. I haven't been excited about any MAC collection in a while and I really couldn't wait to see the new pigments. I ended up buying only two products that appeal to me the most: Partylicious and Later pigments.

These are my first two pigments since the size reduction. Initially I thought I'd boycott the pigments to protest the size change but who am i kidding! I love me some nice and new shades! These pigments packaging comes with a colourful insert:


and these are the new jars. Meh, still slightly annoyed about that but I'll get over it:

But the colours themselves are gorgeous. Partylicious is a blue teal. It's shimmery pigmented and summary! I love shades of teal and aqua so this is a must have for me and the colour payoff is amazing (typical of MAC pigments). I personally didn't think it looked much different dry vs foiled. Though I still like to wear my pigments foiled to get less fallout. I tried to look for possible dupes. I don't have any in my collection, I'd say the closest is MUFE #83 but Partylicious is still bluer.

Left to right: Nars South Pacific duo (teal side), Cool Heat, MUFE #83, Partylicious Dry, Partylicious wet

Later is a blacked purple with a purple and blue sheen. This is honestly the most gorgeous shade MAC has come up with in a long time. I love duochrome shades and I also love me some deep smokey purple so this is right down my alley. I have a Barry M glitter in #23 that is pretty similar to Later, except the Barry M is darker and also has no blue sheen, only pink and purple. Young Punk MES totally pales in comparison to Later, I think I need to swap my Young Punk away now, haha! Later does need to be worn wet/with mixing medium though. It looks very uninspiring dry. But add one drop of mixing medium and OMG!

Left to right: Barry M #23 dazzle dust, Young Punk MES, Later dry, Later wet
All swatches are on my tanned NW30 arm with no base

Hope this review was helpful to you guys. Oh, I saw In The Groove collection to but didn't want any of it. I might be the only one who didn't fall in the Stereo Rose hype. My store actually had one left but it was "meh" to me. I'm loving my Bobbi Brown Nectar shimmer brick more.

Did you buy anything from either Alice + Olivia or In the Groove? What are your thoughts?

6 Responses to "MAC Alice + Olivia Haul, Review and Comparison Swatches"

  1. Halifax Says:

    That was a surprised swatch on Later wet. I wouldn't be able to tell with what it looks in the jar. Thanks for that

  2. Lala Says:

    Thanks for the swatches I wanted Stereo Rose but it was sold out :(

  3. Amy Says:

    Hey, I was just wondering if you have Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy? It will breathe new life into your Young Punk!

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Halifax - I know I was shocked at the difference too. It looks lovely wet.

    Lala - sorry u missed out on SR, the hype around that product is crazy! Can someone cp it for u?

    Amy - I don't have it, I just use my humble homemade mixing medium, lol! Actually meaning to place a Fyrinnae order. How's their customer service?

  5. BoldAsLove Says:

    Oh god. Later wet is amazing. Jealous!

  6. Amy Says:

    I've only ordered from them once and they were amazing!

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