October 19, 2010

When I was in NYC, I made sure to hit up the Inglot store in NYC. I've heard praises for this brand and really wanted to check them out. My number one enabler was Miss. Tina, a.k.a The Fancy Face who does gorgeous colourful looks with shades from this brand.

Now, I went in with a small list in my hand but all that went outta window as soon as I got inside. I purchased a bit more than I thought but I just couldn't decide, lol! Everything I swatched, from eyeshadows to lipliners, was amazingly pigmented. There are so many different shades for every product, I felt like I was in a big girl's candy store.

Here's a peak at what I got plus some swatches. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding possible dupes, finishes... and I try to help as much as I can :) All swatches are on my NW25 arm (no base) and only one coat.

1. I got one of the Freedom palettes with 10 eyeshaows. You can custom build these palettes with eyeshadow, powder, blush, lipstick... I went for shadows only:

and here are some swatches:

Left to right: Matte 371, Matte 372, AMC 59

Left to right: Matte 376, Matte 390, AMC Shine 40

Left to right: Pearl 450, Pearl 440, AMC 72, Matte 378

2. I also got a smaller Freedom palette with 5 shades, I just had to have more!
palette 2


Left to right: AMC 501, Pearl 428

Left to right: Matte 361, AMC Shine 463, AMC 60

3. Then I got two gel liners and a pigment. Can you see a theme here with the purples and teals? The pigment is a beautiful multi toned one. reminds me of a purple toned Rose pigment.

Swatches: gel liner #74 (deep purple), gel liner #87 (teal) and AMC pigment #35

4. Finally, I purchased a couple of lip liners: dual ended #861 (cherry) and pencil #337 (berry):
lip liners

Wow! that took a while but I think that was it as far as Inglot was concerned. Do you see any shades you like? What are some of your favourite Inglot products?

11 Responses to "Holly Pigmented -> Inglot Haul and Swatches"

  1. Rai Says:

    AMAZING HAUL! Everything looks amazing.

  2. Amina Says:

    what an AAAAAMazing haul!! You should try to come to the makeup show this year :)
    I also went to Inglot this weekend and survived the temptation of getting everything. I looved two lippies..one was in a pot and very dark purple. It reminded me of your love for vamp colours. I think it is #69 and another lippie and it is #58.
    Both of them are purples

  3. Arezu Says:

    Wow, that's a huge haul.

    I remember there used to be an Inglot freestanding store in my mall before they closed down. Too bad this was before I was into makeup.

    But the Matte 361 definitely stood out to me, it's SUCH a beautiful colour. I could definitely see it used as a blush aswell!

  4. Me Myself and Makeup Says:

    Great Haul! I did A LOT of damage when I went to New York and visited Inglot as well. I posted swatches and pics of the items as well plus a look. Check it out if you get a chance.


  5. Beverly Says:

    so glad i got to see some of your goodies! I had the WORST service there ever! All the MA's just looked at me & didn't want to helpand no one could explain anything to me. I'll have to go back one day when i'm in times square!

    Can't wait to see your looks using them

  6. Tinuke Says:

    That is a nice haul!!

  7. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Rai - thanks, I had fun there

    Amina - I really want to, we'll see how things like up ;)I didn't even look at the lipsticks at Inglot, maybe i should go bac? lol!

    Arezu - yeah I remember that. That was before I used to wear colours. I used to wear goth makeup back then :D

    Me, Myself and Makeup - Inglot is fun eh? Will check out your blog :)

    Beverly - awww, that sucks. I actually had a great MA helping me there. She was a big enabler too, lol! I really can't wait to use everything.

    Tinuke - thank you :)

  8. Perfectly Imperfect Says:

    I first got turned on to Inglot when I was living in Montreal (they have a few boutiques there). Their shadows are unlike anything I have ever used! I have two palettes by them but definitely want to get some more. Love what you picked up!!

  9. Tina Says:

    Heee heeee heee! I'm a naughty enabler! LOL!
    I'm so glad u went to Inglot and fell in love like I did. They have such great e/s and pigments and liners. I want to go back there soon too.

  10. Shadowy Lady Says:

    PerfectImperfect - I really need to stop by their store next time in MTL. I'm so behind in these things. I found out in NYC that we have a Inglot here in Canada, lol!

    Tina - You're the queen enabler, lol! I now wish I got more stuff, especially more liners and pigments.

  11. Shayla Says:

    Oh MAN, I SOOOO want some Inglot now!

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