October 7, 2010

Happy Thursday lovelies! I'm super swamped these days with work and organizing details of our one week long trip and I'm finding it hard to squeeze in blogging time. But I like to do my Thursday poll as usual.

For this week, I wanted to ask you about your favourite blushes. Who do you think makes the best blushes? I have tried many blushes from a varity of brands, from drugstore to mid-range and high end. I will say that Nars still has my heart. They make the best variety of blush finshes and pigmentation and I find theirs last on my cheeks a very long time. My second favourite is Chanel. I love how silky Chanel blushes are but hate the price tag. I also really like MAC beauty powder blushes. I wish they made a few of them permanent instead of teasing us with limited edition stuff.

Some of my favourite blush shades farom various brands are: Nars Deep Throat (my most used ever), Nars Desire, Chanel Plum Attraction, MAC Stark Naked and Eversun beauty powder blushes.

In your opnion, which brand is the winner the blush department? What are some of your favourite blushes? Please share in comments.

2 Responses to "Thursday Blog Poll - Your favourite brand for blush"

  1. Amina Says:

    we are makeup kindred souls. I saw the title and w/o even reading your post I screamed NARS!!!! Then I read it and saw your post.
    After NARS, the other brands are just trying...lol
    Some of my favorite blushes are ..on top of my head
    Bobbi Brown Coral
    MAC Ambering rose
    NARS Gilda
    Stila Poppy
    I need to try Chanel!!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Amina - lol, we are makeup twins! Nars is the best! I forgot to list Gilda, best coral ever...Chanel's blushes are silky, they melt into your skin. But the price tag keeps me from buying too many, lol!

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