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December 7, 2011

Hey lovelies! I saw this tag over at the Beautiful Life of a Girl Next Door blog and thought I share with you. It's fun to do these every once in a while :) By the way, definitely check out Sonja's blog. I recently discovered her and LOVE her FOTD's <3

Vital Statistics:
-Name: Saadeh
-Nicknames: None that I can share here, lol!
-Birthday: Feb 5, 1982
-Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran
-Zodiac Sign: Aquarius baby!
-Male or Female: Female
-Occupation: Mechanical engineer, I do inspection of mechanical system/equipment in large scale projects like hospitals and airports.

-Hair Color: hmmm...I think my natural hair is brown with red undertones. I usually dye it a burgundy shade to bring out the red more but currently trying to get the red out to have just chocolate brown hair...so now my hair looks brown with reddish highlights :/

My random hair!

-Hair Length: long-ish (below my shoulders)
-Eye color: who knows!! Looks light brown from far and is olive green from close. I'd say amber or hazel
-Best Feature: I say my eyes, every one else (men and women) says my boobs!
-Height: 5' 7" 1/4 (don't forget that quarter!)
-Braces? Nope
-Glasses? started wearing contacts/glasses when I was 15. I had LASIK in January though so no more, yupeee!!
-Piercings: nope, not planing on getting one either
-Tattoos: None yet. And at this point I may be too old to get my first one.
-Righty or Lefty: Righty.

Your 'Firsts':
-First best friend: A girl called Nora and we met when we were both 5. We'r still in touch though we live in different continents.
-First Award: I think I got a spelling bee award when I was 7.
-First Sport You Joined: an actual sport I would say was soccer. I used to like playing soccer though now I only watch it (the only sport I actually care to watch).
-First Real Vacation: I spent my childhood in Tehran and my first vacation was a week stay by the Caspian sea, apparently I was 2.
-First Concert: NKOTB

-Movie: I'm super picky with movies. My top two are Pan's Labyrinth and Secret in their Eyes
-TV Show: I don't have cable and am not a TV fan. I do watch Dexter, True Blood, Game of Thrones and Mad Men on either Netflix and online though.
-Colors: My absolute favourite is red. I've been told that if I was a colour, I would be red...and I just happen to adore this shade. I also like other colours in the same family like berry, burgundy, plum...
-Song: well this changes all the time, right now i'm liking "Without You" by David Guetta
-Candy: not too big on candy...I like dark chocolate!
-Restaurant: I like little holes in the wall and avoid chains at all costs. I eat mostly at french, Indian, Thai or Chinese restaurants.
-Store: Nine West, Sephora, Banana Republic, BCBG
-Book: I read a lot of biographies or what I call "serious" books. Not big on chic books...LOVE Lincoln's biography
-Magazine: inStyle, Glamour
-Shoes: I wear heels 99% of the time and my faves are stiletto boots, platforms and pumps.

-Feeling: Happy! I had a stressful day at work, but cooking with hubs, eating a delicious meal and having a great glass of Shiraz made everything better.
-Single or Taken: Married for over 4 years

Me and hubs, together almost 10 years, married for 4

-Eating: I'm still drinking wine, lol!

-Listening To: "You Got Me" by the Roots
-Thinking About: this tag
-Wanting: to check out Hautlook
-Watching: My screen
-Wearing: my forest green plush robe

-Want Children? ya....I guess sometimes in the near future
-Want to be Married: Already am
-Careers in Mind: currently quite happy with mine
-Where do you want to live? right here in Ottawa. My parents and my younger sister are here and my other sister is 2 hours away in Montreal. I like to stay close to family.

Me, my sisters, parents and hubs <3

Do You Believe In:
-God: undecided. Definitely don't believe in the God defined by Christianity, Judaism, Islam...
-Miracles: in a way yes
-Love At First sight: No.
-Ghosts: No
-Aliens: lol, definitely not!
-Soul Mates: no, you meet the person who has a lot in common and has similar goals and make the relationship work.
-Heaven: No
-Hell: No, unless you mean heaven on Earth
-Kissing on The First Date: I've always done it...hahaha!
-Yourself: I'm pretty vain so I love myself!

Ok, that's it! You guys are all tagged! If you do this, please post a link in comment coz I like reading these random tags :)

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  1. Tina Says:

    Yay! That was so fun to read about u. U Iranian beauty u! I think ur eyes r honey....it's such a sweet description! LOL

    I am definitely doing this tag for sure. Thanks for sharing...and YES ur boobs r fab :)

  2. The Dollymix Diaries Says:

    Loved reading this tag and getting to know you better! I love your eyes. Xx

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Tina - aww thanks love :) I can't wait to read ur tag. These things are always so fun.

    Nora - thanks hun :) Hope you do one too

  4. Fash Boulevard Says:

    loved reading this and getting to know you better. great post. thanks, love. i hope you had a fabulous weekend. if you get sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest post. xo


  5. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thanks hun...loved that plum skirt and leather jacket combo u did. I was trying to comment but Blogger is being annoying and not letting me :/

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