December 12, 2011

Hello beauties! Are you all ready for the Holidays? I personally cannot wait!! My brain is slowly shutting down already, lol! Hubby and I are staying home this year but have lotsa relaxation planned. Nothing better than chilling at home with hubs, eating comfort food and watching our favourite movies and series.

I have for you this week's edition of my Top 5 Products. This week, I will show you my go-to MUFE items. MUFE is one of my all time fave brands as I find overall they offer great quality for face, eyes, cheeks and face products. Once again, I had a hard time picking just 5, but here we are:


1. HD Foundation (118) - MUFE HD line offers a great variety of shades including different undertones. I usually have 6-7 foundation bottles in rotation and 3 years later, the MUFE HD is still my No.1 when it comes to looking great in photos. I always wear this foundation when I know I'll be photographed and my skin always looks flawless. See my full review here.

2. Aqua Cream Lipliner #16 - MUFE lip liners are hands down my fave of all brands I've tried. They go on very creamy, do not budge/bleed and are long lasting. I have a few of them but I picked #16 as it is the perfect bright pink for under all my fuchsia lipsticks. I have a more in depth review and swatches here.

3. Eyeshadow #39 - MUFE has a cult following for their #92 eyeshadow and I find all their matte shades to perform supremely well. The make amazing neutrals and brights alike. My most used one has got to be #39 as you can tell by the picture, lol! This is amazingly pigmented and a little goes a long way. I love this types of shades!

4. Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick #28 - ONce again, MUFE did not disappoint by offering a huge array of colours and finishes when they released their rouge artist intense lipstick line. I find these babies to be slightly harder than my other lipsticks as in you have to press them more onto your lips. But the colour payoff is amazing and I do not find even the matte shades very drying. #48 is my fave vampy red shade and my most worn MUFE lipstick.

5. Full Cover Concealer #6 - this concealer blends so well into my skintone I could not ask for a better product. It's creamy and light yet it does an amazing job of covering my small acne scars. I'm running out of this product and have to make a trip to Sephora ASAP!

Do you guys own any of these products? What are your top 5 MUFE products?

3 Responses to "My Top 5 Products - Make Up Forever"

  1. Jessy Says:

    i only have the HD foundation and i luv it, i do have the Aque Creams, not the liner but the one in the pot, and i luv those to death, they are a bit hard to apply because u have the blend it quick cuz they dry fast, but they wont crease at all even in very humid/hot places...cuz i was in HongKong last summer and with the crazy HUmid hot weather, my eyeshadow lasted all day without any problems at all~~~

    ive yet to try their lipstick though...i do want to in the near future, just because they offer so many great colours~~~~


  2. Blackmentos Says:

    I've yet to try their HD foundations but they are so expensive in Singapore! I could buy a nice skirt from topshop at the same price! I've got quite a few aqua eye pencils, although they don't seem to last on my waterline. I love the eyeshadow you have there...looks so lovely I definitely will be going after a couple of their individual shadows soon! And maybe their concealer too! thanks for sharing!

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Jessy - I <3 the aqua liners in pot too! It was so hard for me choose just 5 but that was the challenge ;) Def have a look at their lipstick offering.

    Blackmentos - np :) I know their foundation is expensive here too...but to me foundation is the most important makeup item so i splurge. MUFE e/s are amazing, especially their mattes!

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