August 8, 2012

Hello beauties! I felt like spending a little more time on my nails last night and this is the result. As someone who's bored with my nail colour after only one day wear, I don't usually spend a lot of time on funky designs. I just polish my nails a different colour every night :D

But being on mat leave is giving me more time and patience. Why not treat my nails to some gold foil and glitter?


I used these three polishes: Essie Jamaica Me Crazy, Orly Lux and OPI Bring on the Bling (LE glitter shade from holiday 2010)


The method was quite simple:
- First I polished my nails with two coats of the base colour (Essie JMC). Let it air dry.
- I ripped a small makeup sponge in half, applied the Orly at the edge of it a little bit at the time and pressed on the top third of the nails.
- Repeated the step above with the third polish, the OPI, except I focused it on the tip of the nails only.



Hope you guys liked this post. What are some of your favourite simple nail designs?

3 Responses to "Glitter Gradient Nails - Take Two"

  1. _thatsheart Says:

    These nails look very futuristic ! Lovely post. xx

  2. Chantel Says:

    beautiful nails. I love the nail polishes that you used.

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks ladies, thought I get creative with my nails for once :)

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