August 10, 2012

Hi guys! Just a quick post to share my new hair with you. As a lot of you may know I tend to go back to a variation of burgundy shade every fall. My natural hair is dark brown with strong red undertones so anything dark with hints of red is right down my alley.

I had highlighted my hair for the summer which I liked but I still prefer darker shades. This time I told my mom to add more purple to the base, so it's sort of a grape shade:



Sorry for the nakkid face, only wearing lipstick (Lancome Violet Coquette if you wanted to know) and was slightly shiny. Thought this would be the best time for a hair change as fall and baby are coming, lol!

Do you change your hair colour based on season? 

4 Responses to "My New Hair - 3 Weeks Before Baby"

  1. Kate MacDonald Says:

    Looks beautiful on you!

  2. Laura @ Sawan-Heaven Says:

    That color is definitely fab on you!

  3. _thatsheart Says:

    Gorgeous color, all ready to be glamorous when the baby comes!! My friend gave birth on the 9th, two beautiful baby girls. Hope you are blessed with a successful outcome too :). xx

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks ladies :) I don't know if highlighted hair was quite "me". I always have a preference for anything dark and red

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