February 5, 2013

Every year it snows on my birthday, every single year! I was born at 2 am on Feb 5th, 1982 in Tehran, Iran. My mom said there was such a big snow storm they had difficulty finding a cab to the hospital. Of course only few hospitals were open to patients at that time. It was war time and air raids were making the situation more difficult.

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31 years later though, on this fine morning of Tuesday Feb 5, 2013, I woke up from a peaceful 9 hour sleep (courtesy of my hubby doing Sofia's night feed) and noticed that it's sunny out!!! How amazing is that? I mean it's cold as hell (-25Deg C), but the sun is shining, it's not war time and I'm happy :D

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This year for the first time since I remember, I actually didn't buy myself anything for my birthday. I already have all I need in my life. I'm healthy, I have an amazing husband and the most beautiful baby girl and live in a country that promotes peace. I know most people give thanks on Thanksgiving, but I'm grateful everyday, and especially today.

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Will post my birthday makeup/outfit later on. Have a happy Tuesday!

2 Responses to "My 31st Birthday - Reflections"

  1. Chester Says:

    Happy Birthday! You are so right when you say you are thankful every day and not just on Thanksgiving. It's important because whether we realize it or not, if we live in a peaceful country and have all the necessities of food, shelter, love and some money covered, then there's not much more that we "need". I hope you have a great day and get to celebrate it with your family and friends! :)

  2. Chantel Says:

    Happy Birthday! I love your photos.

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