February 8, 2013

Ladies! I did some damage to my wallet these past few days. It's rare for me to buy makeup nowadays so I'm super excited to share my haul with you:

 photo dc620469-fd4e-4ef8-a868-038f1bca4b23_zpsd6c2431b.jpg

MAC Archie's Girls - if you follow my blog, you know that even though I used to be a MAC girl and into collecting their LE things, that time has passed for me. But I was interested in some items in Archie's girls so I treated myself. I picked up Betty Bright lipstick and Prom Princess blush.

 photo a3e28711-13fb-4ee2-a7b7-11e1b9d6c0f9_zps17382f25.jpg

Betty Bright - is a bright yet light coral. It has strong pink tones and is perfect for spring. I love MAC's satin lipstick formula and this lipstick seems unique to my stash.

 photo f3649e57-fcdc-4ea8-8211-da816829cf85_zps907946d1.jpg
Left to right: Marcelle Paris Rose, Nars Niagara, MAC Better Bright

Prom Princess - is a beautiful shimmering raspberry shade. It's also very pigmented so you'll need to apply with a light hand. I don't have a dupe for this.

Nars Spring 2013 - This is the collection I've been looking forward to and will eventually purchase all of it. Thankfully Nars is not into limited edition crap so I can take my time buying. I started with Seduction blush and Dressed to Kill lipstick:

 photo 66a059e7-e385-43ff-ae99-6ea0b615519a_zpsfd0fb9ac.jpg

Seduction blush - holly molly this is pigmented. It's a deep wine shade perfect for fall/winter, but so pigmented that is hard to pull off on my winter complexion (NW20 ish). It's gorgeous though. I cannot wait to use this on my low maintenance days (as the only item of makeup I wear that day).

Dressed to Kill lipstick - as a red lover, this is a must for me. Though this is more of a red toned fuchsia with gold flecks on it. Gorgeous all year around shade and brings out the gold flecks in my eyes.

 photo 14aef9a9-ca81-4beb-a528-b54a244cf50b_zps8ea6c138.jpg
Left to right: MAC Rebel, Nars Afghan Red, Nars Dressed to Kill

Then I grabbed a few lipsticks I've been meaning to try out on my last trip to good ole Loblaws. I picked up Maybelline Vivid Colors in shades Shocking Coral, Vivid Rose and L'Oreal Colour Caress Shine Stain in Infinite Fuchsia.

 photo 2005d232-3b42-45de-a458-7b03e4a92b3f_zps1e3ef3a3.jpg

The Maybelline Vivid shades are BRIGHT! I have already worn both of these and they look as pigmented on lips as they do in the swatch. They are not as long wearing as my high end lipsticks but they do the job. I think I may go back for more.

Shocking Coral is a great summer shade. Thought I would have an exact dupe for it but it doesn't look like it.

 photo f3186f66-1490-4ed6-acf7-7d9c98b30faa_zps161508d6.jpg
Left to right: MAC Vegas Volt, MAC Toxic Tale (LE), Chanel Genial (LE), Maybelline Shocking Coral

Vivid Rose is like MAC Impassioned and Girl About Town had a baby!

 photo c196406b-fd3f-4e91-ba1d-d1990b7b74dc_zpsbe47e005.jpg
Left to right: MAC Girl About Town, MAC Impassioned, Maybelline Vivid Rose

I was incredibly pleased with how long L'Oreal Caress Stain lasted on my lips. I had planned on getting a few YSL lip stain but at their price point I think I'll stick to L'Oreal. Does anyone have both to compare? Infinite Fuchsia is a colour I would wear a lot, reminds me of Chanel Emoi but pinker:

 photo 041ea33c-2153-46a7-9453-b6f96776f0eb_zpsbd46f73d.jpg
Left to right: MAC Strawberry Blonde (LE), MAC Magnetique (LE), Chanel Emoi, L'Oreal Infinite Fuchsia

Do you guys own any of these items? What are your thoughts on them?

4 Responses to "Recent Acquisitions - MAC Archie, Nars Spring and Drugstore Lipsticks - Complete with Swatches and Comparisons"

  1. Chantel Says:

    I am in love!! Gorgeous products.

  2. Ev Says:

    Love the NARS products, I need more NARS in my life!!

  3. Shayla Says:

    I have yet to purchase a NARS lipstick (besides the Velvet Matte pencil I picked up on your recommendation), and I'm not quite sure why. Should I look into getting one/two/seven? ;)

    I've been playing around with drugstore makeup more these days, too...mostly lipstick and BB Creams (or as I call them, low-coverage foundation). I feel as though drugstore products have come a long way from where they were even five years ago!

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Chantel - thank you :)

    Ev - everyone needs more Nars. Even ppl with a lot of Nars like me ;)

    Shayla - I'm liking the new drugstore quality I see as well. And get thee more Nars lipsticks, like this one. I think you will also like Niagara, Schiap and Heat Wave ;)

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