March 6, 2013

Hi guys! Sorry for the two week absence but we just got back from a trip to Georgetown, Guyana to visit the inlaws. They had not yet met Sofia so this was long overdue. She turned 6 months old while we were there and so this is my first opportunity to update as we just got back on Sunday.

Baby Stats: Sofia is 6 months and 10 days old. She weighs 19lbs and her height is 69 cm. She's still in 75 to 90 percentile for her age and sex. She definitely got taller while we were away and I see it in how her pants fit.

 photo b2724001-70f5-4a6b-9b89-a575577c9bbe_zpsa69fb8d0.jpg

Eat: Sofia is now on Stage 1 solids. She typically has 2 meals per day but I'm starting to increase it to 3 as she seems to want to eat more. She loves pears and papayas as well as her brown rice cereal mixed with banana. She actually says "nom nom" as she eats them looool! She is not a fan of avocados or sweet potatoes though. I need to find a veggie she likes. I think I'll give her green peas next.

 photo b7e35f1e-634a-46fc-b1e8-7bb4a97500ea_zps6cd57fe3.jpg

Health: nothing major she's healthy and bubbly. She did get some mosquito bites while we were away but they're slightly fading now. My heart breaks everytime I see the bite marks :(

 photo 02492482-fd53-443d-838a-508327d4ec12_zps5c6c9424.jpg

Sleep: her sleep got very messed up while we were away but she's getting better slowly. Last two nights she actually slept through till 6 am (from 6:30 pm) without waking up. I'm hoping that is a permanent change. Her naps are more all over the map though. Some days she takes long ones some days she's a cat napper.

 photo 68b8fd9f-0701-41b4-aa7f-cb0c64991806_zpsa636293f.jpg


- Rolls from front to back now as well as back to front. She does it very quickly too.
- Experiencing some separation anxiety. She does not like it when I'm not in her line of vision.
- Sits on her own now for a few minutes.
- Puts her toes in her mouth from lying position; this is of course her new favourite thing.
- Recognizes people quickly. The ones she knows get a smile right away others have to wait a few minutes before they see her grin.
- Started sleeping through the night.
- She hits her toys together, maybe soon she can clap?
- She loves loves loves to play; it's fairly easy to get her to giggle.

 photo f756e616-030a-4fe6-8a9e-9eeac15239c1_zpsbf1f46e8.jpg

How I'm doing:

- Still exercising very regularly. Working more on the abs now and thinking of getting Tracy Anderson's DVD.
- Sleep is hit and miss for me. I'm trying to quit my sleep meds which is not easy but I'm getting there.
- I'm getting better at socializing with friends and leaving bebe with the hubs. She takes the bottle easily and loves her daddy almost as much as me ;)

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday :)

8 Responses to "Baby Sofia's 6 Months Update"

  1. Chantel Says:

    Your daughter is so adorable <3

  2. Sue Says:

    God bless her! she is adorable

  3. Ashley Brickner Says:

    She is a doll! My Waverly is just one month ahead of her!

  4. Andrea Says:

    She is just tooooo cute. Im glad she is happy and healthy.

  5. Alexandra Hovatter Says:

    You're 3 months ahead of me! I have a 3 month old boy. Your baby girl is just too too precious! I am seriously melting at these photos.

    take care!

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Chantel - thank you sweetie :)

    Sue - thank you so much. She's just growing right in front of my eyes.

    Ashley - awwww, your daughter is a beauty too :)

    Andrea - thank you. She seems to be a content child

    Alexandra - thank you so much. Hope motherhood is treating you well :)

  7. Kim Porter Says:

    She's so cute. She has your eyes

  8. Jennifer from Spiced Beauty Says:

    omg <3

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