March 24, 2013

Happy Sunday guys! Spring is already here but there are piles of snow outside so I'm not ready to bust out my spring wardrobe (and makeup) yet. It just doesn't make sense in our current weather condition.

At "in between" times like this, I always go back to tried and true makeup items. Nars makes awesome eyeshadow duos and I would like to own them all one day. For now, I've been going back to my Dogon duo. Dogon includes a dark navy side and a duochrome gray/silver/green side. The duochrome side is what sold me. It's like MAC Club but much softer and I'd say more sophisticated.

 photo 5c2fb813-b845-496a-985d-cdf8b9387357_zps5a2f3d30.jpg

I also used Nars Never Say Never matte velvet pencil in this look. I sing praise of these pencils all the time so I won't repeat myself. Never Say Never is a beautiful pinky purple that brings a little bit of spring into any makeup look and is universally flattering.

 photo c4e01ef6-a993-4859-a899-af43165badf5_zps9f18b978.jpg
Swatches on my bare NW20 arm

I used these two items for the first day of spring visit to my parents. Another way to wear Dogon is the smokey version with dark shade on the lid blended up and duochrome shade in the crease. I just thought this version was more daytime appropriate:

 photo b88ec93a-9adc-4101-9720-9bfe06fb5204_zpsf92bd24c.jpg

 photo f95bb69c-3253-421f-92a2-306c9f6a64f7_zps05f14ad3.jpg

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. What are some makeup items you have on rotation right now?

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  1. Saimese Says:

    that lip colour looks great!

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