May 8, 2013

I really appreciate the Back2MAC program. Since I don't buy as much makeup these days, I actually finish some products and get to pick up a few items at my local MAC store. None of the two items I opted for are new, but they've both been on my wishlist for quite sometimes:

Patina Eyeshadow (frost)

Boy, this one is a difficult colour for me to describe! It's a neutral light brown but has some gold cast to it. It works great as part of a neutral everyday look but can also be mixed with brights. I find the texture to be a bit stiff (it's a frost finish after all) but it is workable.

 photo f3de0a3d-f40a-4190-898d-ffd9952e8b5a_zps8fa74d74.jpg

 photo c114a55d-f2da-4adf-9898-439a41ff8185_zps13ff9b5b.jpg

I don't seem to have a dupe for it either:

 photo bc1d14f3-95fc-43a8-872b-fc3911e18bb2_zps1774cbd0.jpg
Left to right: UD Smog, MAC Tan Pigment, MAC Patina

The swatch looks weak on my arm but it's actually much better on the eye. I tried it over gold (MAC Cashflow paint pot) and silver/taupe (MUFE #2 aqua cream pot) bases. I'm loving the dimensions the taupe base adds to Patina:

 photo e0d04a78-cd2b-4565-8cf6-b6939e013d79_zps5021533b.jpg

- goes with everything
- multi dimensional base
- I don't have a dupe for it

- texture is a bit stiff

Pink Plaid Lipstick (matte)

I've been on a quest to add to my neutral lipstick collection and Pink Plaid seems to fit the bill just right. I'm a fan of my lips but better shades with pink undertones (over peachy ones) as my lips are quite pink naturally. Pink Plaid is opaque in one coat and can be a bit drying due to its matte texture. It's not as bad as some of MAC's worst offenders.

 photo bb668d87-dcfe-4574-ae43-c5938038a0db_zpscd7c5ca8.jpg

It reminds me much of my other two beloved neutral lipsticks, Nars Sex Machine and Catfight. But it's not a full on dupe.

 photo c13a74c1-88e6-4d89-8053-ff12691b32d3_zps12176b97.jpg

Here are the comparison swatches. I don't know why I added MUFE #29, that one is certainly too brown:

 photo b211f84e-fcb3-4117-be47-b0b4f5eccbb6_zps27aaed38.jpg
Left to right: MUFE #29, Nars Catfight, Nars Sex Machine, MAC Pink Plaid

- great my lips but better shade
- pigmented
- I always love MAC's vanilla scent

- slightly dry

Overall, I'm pretty happy with both my picks. I incorporated them into a look yesterday. I added Nars Cordura duo to the mix for the eyes and layered Pink Plaid with Chanel Argonite glossimer to give it some shine. I'm also wearing MAC Ladyblush cremeblend blush to warm up the cheeks but continue on the minimalistic face:

 photo a3dec87c-9188-42bd-82cb-e24436cf4a59_zps284bc8c0.jpg

Hope you found this post helpful. Do you own any of these two products? What are some of your favourite neutral eye/lip products?

3 Responses to "Back2MAC Items Review and Swatches: Pink Plaid Lipstick and Patina Eyeshadow"

  1. Chantel Says:

    Nice products! I love that lipstick.

  2. Shayla Says:

    I have Pink Plaid too, and really like it! It hadn't been on my radar until one gal showed it to me a year or so ago.

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Chantel - thank you hun. It's a great neutral

    Shayla - ya somehow it's not really a much talked about lipstick. I think it's a greta neutral for most skintones though

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