May 13, 2013

This year I celebrated my first year as a mother. I don't know what  great deed I have done to deserve such beautiful girl as my daughter. She has changed my life for better forever and makes me smile every single minute.

We had a quiet mother's day at home and my hubby made it special by cooking a yummy brunch for me, my folks and youngest sister. I woke up in the morning to this:

 photo 29eda8a3-3240-4071-9bd1-ed19bc17a5c0_zps1ec4de68.jpg

The white roses were especially ordered by my mother in law who lives in the Caribbean. The card was "from" Sofia and had her hand print as her signature. My hubby's gift was a sterling silver pendant with mine, Sofia and his own birthstones (amethyst, topaz and green peridot). So thoughtful and beautiful at the same time.

mommies photo af1eb4ad-beab-4a3f-9da0-211dc0a823a0_zps8856c8e4.jpg
me and my beautiful mom

For brunch we had leak and bacon quiche, salt fish and bake (caribbean touch) plus fruit salad and fresh scones from our favourite bakery. I much preferred this to going somewhere for brunch:

food photo 33d26850-1e4c-4d16-9dbb-285d61f6d08b_zps0b525c25.jpg

Sofia had some of our scone, pureed mangos, cheerios and bits of the quiche:

Sofia photo 06cab3de-945f-482c-9ef1-e7415a1dafc5_zps0f4a6afc.jpg

After we ate and enjoyed my mom's home made cake for dessert, we took some photos by our blossoming crab apple tree. The tree really only stays this beautiful for about a week, but it's worth it existing on our front lawn!!

 photo a340b891-fbc0-4004-97e6-c322a7d762cd_zps91e687c5.jpg

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day. How did you celebrate this special day?

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  1. Sue Says:

    How nice!! congrats :)

  2. Shuikaybb Says:

    Aww such a lovely family photo! x

  3. Cupcake Couture Says:

    Great blog!

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  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thank you so much ladies <3

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