September 20, 2009

Like I mentioned in my FOTD post, I got a chance to see the much anticipated MAC collection (at least for me), Style Black yesterday in Montreal Pro store. This collection is amazing you guys! It's everything I wanted and more. I only got three things as my trip was unexpected but I will pick up at least another MES when the collection officially launches this week.

Here's my two cents:

Lipsticks: Black Knight is not as black as you would think, it's more like a black-ish gray (at least on my lips). It's also a Creamsheen formula so it's kinda slippery. The two mattenes are ah-may-ziiiiing!!! I so wanted to buy both! I ended up only getting Night Violet which is a more purple version of Kirsch released last year. I love this kinda dark lipsticks. Midnight Media is a true black. If you want black lips I would say get Midnight Media over Black Knight

Glimmerglasses: These really surprised me. I was totally going to skip them but Black Fire was so hot over Night Violet that I had to have it. Bling Black looks more green-gold than true gold with black base so i skipped it. Blackware is black but not very opaque. In general all of these are kinda sheer and are best paired with lipsticks. I had one set of B2M with me so I B2M'd for Black Fire.

MES: These are the star of Style Black IMO. All three are gorgeous and that's saying a lot as I hate MES in general. I wanted to buy all for but for now I only got Young Punk which is a gorgeous black base with purple/pink glitters. I will be picking up Cinderfella (black base with silver glitters, yumm), this Thursday.

CCB's: This are gorgeous black bases but I hear that CCB's crease a lot. They're not must haves for me but they swatch beautifully.

Grease Paintstick
: Ok, so the pro store I went to had already sold out of this :( So I didn't get to play with it. I need to see it this Thursday.

Nail Lacquers: I did not play with these as I'm not a fan of MAC nailpolishes, but if you are make sure to check out Baby Goth Girl. Seriously gorgeous polish!

Face Products: again a skip for me as I don't like LE skin care.

In general, this was the best collection MAC has come out with for a long time. I'm really impressed and cannot wait to play with everything again this Thursday. Happy hauling everyone and hope that this was helpful.

Here are some pics:

My haul - part 1: Night Violet Mattene, Black Fire g/g and Young Punk MES

Left to right: Young Punk over Artifact p/p, over Blacktrack and on its own

Night Violet on my lips - no liner

Black Fire on top of Night Violet

4 Responses to "MAC Style Black - Review, Haul and Swatches"

  1. Lipstick Rules Says:

    Ooh this looks so cool! Love the lippies.

    I'm not sure how I'll do with super vampy lips. I bought the mattenes last year from Cult of Cherry but never really wore them. Maybe I'll be more daring this year ;-0

    I am going to check out this collection in person on Thurs!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Michelle - I think anyone can do vampy lips, it's all about attitude :) I'll be getting more stuff this Thursday ;)

  3. Shayla Says:

    Kind of a disappointment that Black Knight isn't completely opaque. But if the mattene is, I might have to get that instead :)

    Thanks for the review!

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Shayla - Get the black mattene instead. That one is very opaque and black and the texture is amazing. I'm a huuuge fan of MAC's Mattenes

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