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Here are the pics and information for the Sugar Sweet Collection which is going to be released here on March 19. All pics are courtesy of Christine Temptalia and colour story from tripwirechick at Temptalia.




  • Sweet Thing Mid-tone magenta with multi dimensional pearl (Lustre)
  • Bubbles Sheer frosty white beige (Glaze) (Repromote)
  • Touch Peachy cinnamon (Lustre) (Permanent)
  • Lollipop Loving Mid-tone coral with subtle green and gold iridescence (Glaze) (Repromote)
  • Saint Germain Pastel pink (Amplified Creme) (Repromote)

Tricolour Lipglass

  • Tasty Top Sheer blue pink with reflects, Middle Mid-tone blue pink with duochrome pearlized pigments, Bottom Dark creamy red pink
  • Just Dessert Top Sheer yellow pink with reflects, Middle Mid-tone yellow pink with duochrome pearlized pigments, Bottom Mid-tone creamy yellow pink
  • Simpy Delicious Top Sheer peach with reflects, Middle Pale coral with duochrome pearlized pigments, Bottom Creamy mid-tone coral
  • Triple-Yum Top Sheer gold with gold reflects, Middle True gold with duochrome pearlized pigments, Bottom Mid-tone bronze
  • Consume Me Top Sheer white with reflects, Middle Pale mint with duochrome pearlized pigments, Bottom Creamy light peach with pearlized pigments


  • Sugarshot Pale frosty beige (Lustre)
  • Dear Cupcake Mid-tone pink coral with gold pearlized pigments (Satin)
  • Aquavert Soft mint with white pearlized pigments (Veluxe Pearl) (Repromote)
  • Stars n Rockets Lavender with red/pink reflects (Veluxe Pearl) (Permanent)
  • Club Muted reddish brown duochrome with green opalescent shimmer (Satin) (Permanent)


  • Cakeshop Frosted light neutral beige
  • Butternutty Frosted pale white gold
  • Lemon Chiffon Frosted pewter
  • Red Velvet Frosted mid-tone pink
  • Penny Light pinky copper (Repromote)


  • Zoomlash

Nail Lacquer

  • Peppermint Patti Creamy mint green (Cream)
  • Seasonal Peach Creamy pale peachy pink (Cream)

Mineralize Skinfinish

  • Perfect Topping Pink/peach/lavender melange
  • Refined Tan/peach/coral melange


  • 34 Lash

I don't know what to think about this collection yet. I really like pastels and obviousely I'm also tempted by all the cupcakes in the promo picture. I'm not sure about teh actual products though. I know I will be passing the MSF's unless they are senstional. I have so many highlighting and bronzing products. Unless the lavender sheen in Perfect Topping is obvious those are a pass for me. I am not a big fan of shadesticks either so it's doubtful I get one of those though I need to test them in pwerson.

Where I will probably spend some money are the eyeshadows. I have Warm Chill and though I hear Aquavert is sort of similar, I will pick it up. Aquavert has much better colour payoff in the swatches I've seen. I'm also interested in Dear Cupcake. Well, I really like its name and I don't have any coral eyeshadows. So I will check that one out as well.

The only two lipsticks that interest me are Lollipop Lovin and St-Germain. I have Lollipop Lovin from the Heatherette release and it's one of my faves. I think I wear it at least once a week but I still haven't even gone through half of it. I doubt I'll pick another one up. St-Germain sounds intriguing. It seems like it's a very cool toned l/s and usually, the cool tones are the ones that work for me. Though this one is so light that I need to see it in person. But I know it's the first item I will check out from this collection when it's released.

It seems like this will be an inexpensive one for me, yay! Might as well as there are way too many cool collecations coming out later in the year.

3 Responses to "Sugar Sweet!"

  1. Beda Says:

    It would be so cool if MAC throw a launching party offering cupcakes like that, lol.

    I am with you on the products. The swatches haven't impressed me much. I think I will wait 'til this is released and see more reviews.

  2. Shayla Says:

    I'm in the same boat, too. There are a couple things I'm interested in looking at, but mostly I'm just like "meh".

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    you know guys I have since decided to pass this collection entirely. I need to buy some more cloths...hehe

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