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I was thinking I need to start budgeting for all the MAC summer collections coming up (starting tomorrow). I want quite a few things and on top of that I'm interested in some other brands summer collections (Guerlain, Nars, ...) and more stuff from the MAC perm and Pro lines. I did my wishlist based on preliminary colour info available at Specktra.net and Temptalia.com and also some info I got from my fave MUA at the Rideau freestanding MAC store.

So here we go (MAC stuff). All prices in CAD:

Rose Romance (April 23)

Silverthorn e/s $17
Love and Friendship n/p $13

Style Warrior (May 28)
Brave New Bronze l/s $16.50
Bright Future e/s $17
On a Mission bpb $22
Sun Rush Lustre Drop $20?

Naked Honey (June 11)
Queen Bee l/g $16.50
Pollinator e/s $17

Colour Craft (July 9)
Electric Edg l/g $16.50
Smooth Merge MSF $30.0

Graphic Garden (July 9, the Bay)
one eye palette (maybe) $41

So that's $227 before taxes....pewww! it's much less than what I spent last year on Cool Heat/NSF alone! But let's not forget I still have my huge perm line lemming list :/

Anyone else doing this? Thoughts

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  1. Shayla Says:

    I budget on a month to month basis. If I don't have an extra money left that month, I don't buy. Tough, but it works...

  2. Pixie Says:

    I LOVED Neo Sci-fi from last this. This years collections... not so much.

    I'm planning on getting nothing from Rose Romance and Style Warrior. I don't like the Style Warrior special packaging that much. I'll probably get one of the highlight powders from Naked Honey even though I never use the ones I have... sigh.

    I haven't been in love with the latest MAC launches. I'm thinking of getting something from Bobbi Brown or Guerlain instead.

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Shayla - I like your method :)

    Pixie - Summer of 08 was the best. I got so many things from Cool Heat (all eyeshadows and 2 slimshines) and a lot from NSF. I don'y mind the packaging for Style Warriors but in general I like MAC's regular packaging more than all special packaging. What are you getting from BB or Guerlain?

  4. Pixie Says:

    I was thinking maybe some work appropriate shadows or blushes from BB and some lipglosses from Guerlain.

    Or I might up getting some Korean makeup which is unfortunately my newest obsession : /

  5. Shadowy Lady Says:

    I was actually thinking about Guerlain glosses as well. I saw the golden ones and they looked so yummy. I hear good things about them too :)

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