My allergies are killing me these days. Apparently I'm allergic to the antibiotics I took when I had the annoying infection on my arm :/ I hardly slept Wedsnday night and was excited that this week is a short week.

I got a call on Thursday from my MAC counter that Blankety lipstick was finally in stock! I ran out of that lipstick a while ago and for some reason, none of the MAC counters around me ever have it in nstock so I had to go on a waiting list. I went to the counter right after work (and before going to the doctor). I was pleasntly surprised to see that the dazzleglasses were already out for sale. I swatched them all and ended up with Rags to Riches and Money, Honey! I have Steepin Out, Love Alert and Date Night from last year and these two are a nice addition to my collection. Dazzelglasses are pretty sheer and sticky but they are also so sprkly and gorgeous and look great on top of lipsticks (I wouldn't wear them alone, except for maybe Love Alert). So I left the store with Blankety and Viva Glam SE VI lipsticks plus Honey, Money and Rags to Riches dazzleglass.

Here's a swatch of all the dazzeling beauties I have:
all dazzle
top row - left to right: Rags to Riches, Honey, Money
Bottom row, left to right: Date Night, Love Alert and Stepping OUt

This is Blankety layered with Rags to Riches:
blankety + Rags

Viva Glam SE VI layered over with Honey, Money:
more dazzle

3 Responses to "Double Dazzle and Perm stuff haul"

  1. Shayla Says:

    I picked up two Funtabulous today - one for me and one for a friendy for her birthday. I'm itching to get another (that browny color was neat), but I should probably save for other collections since these are supposed to be perm...

    Are you feeling better now?

  2. Pixie Says:

    I love the sparkles in Rags to Riches. Very cool.

    Sorry about your allergies. Those can be terrible :(

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    I'm much better guys, thanks! I just sleep too much because of the damn medication.

    I think I'm gonna start buying the d/g! They are pretty but I think 5 is enough!

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