Orange Marmalade was released as part of the Summer Days collection from China Glaze and it's one of the latest additions to my nail polish stash. I have 4 polishes from this collection and I thought that Orange Marmalade had the best application and is the most opaque (Grape Juice being the worst, though I love that colour). I'm still adjusting to the orange colour on my nails. As I mentioned before, it's not something I'm used to. This is two coats in direct sunlight:

Orange Marmalade

3 Responses to "Orange Marmalade"

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Ooohh, I LOVE orange.. this is a gorgeous colour. I bet it would look awesome on toenails :)

  2. Shayla Says:

    Looks good, ma'am! I want to get an orange for my collection, but I don't want a shimmer...I want a creme. :)

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thanks guys. Kathleen, I haven't tried it on my toes, but you're right it would be awesome.
    Shayla, I don't have any orange creams :( There are are a few in the new ChG Kicks collection though

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