7:15 PM

October 18, 2009

I know pretty much everyone has this nail polish, but I don't think I've ever swatched it on my blog. I was wearing it today so I thought why not. I was also feeling better physically so I also did my makeup (see next post).

I like For Audrey as I think it's a nice blur green that will pretty much flatter any skintone. I do have a problem with the formula, I think it's too thin. I think I need to get some polish thinner and add it to most of my China Glaze. Does any one have any specific recommendation?

This is 2 coats of For Audrey, second day wear:

3 Responses to "For Audrey"

  1. gildedangel Says:

    I never get tired of For Audrey. I would look into Seche Restore if you want to thin out your polishes. :)

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Gildedangel - thank for the rec :) I know I def love For Audrey. I also think it's appropriate for all seasons

  3. L1LMAMAJ Says:

    i'm pretty much the only one that doesn't have this shade and is too lazy to do my nails! lol it's gorgeous on you! ^_^ do they have it at sephora? maybe i'll get it during their sale.

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