October 30, 2009

So my fogetting mascara experience of yesterday lead me to think of this post. I thought I write about what mascaras I currently use and what I think of each.

Current Low End - Cover Girl Exact Eyelight

I've been faithful to CG mascaras for years now. I had very positive experiences with Volume Exact and Lash Exact so when I saw this newer member of the CG family, I thought I try it. I bought the CG Exact Eyelight in Hazel Eyes. Honestly, like my skintone, my eye colour is also hard to determine. It looks light brown when it's dark or from far. Up close it's the exact same colour as eyeshadow Sumptuous Olive. In daylight my eyes can look gold, green or honey. So I ended up setteling for the hazel shade.

Now I wish I hadn't thought about it so much. I mean the mascara brush is ok and the mascara does not clump and there's no fallout. But I find that you need to apply many layers to get the effect you want. Also, I see no shimmer as claimed by the company. My eyes now look goldish in most light which I guess is due to the brightening effect.

I like this mascara but I don't love it. I think I might go back to Volume Exact for everyday use. Does anyone have a good drugstore mascara recommendation? Oh, I'm a contact wearer and Maybelline is not kind to my eyes, so that one's out.

Current High End - Lancome Hypnose

This is the mascara I wear when I want more drama. I've been using Lancome also for quite some time. I started out with Definicils and then graduated to Hypnose as I'm looking mostly for volume in mascaras and not length. I do a few quick light stroke with this and I'm set. This mascara makes my lashes look like they have the creaziest (in a good way) length and volume. I also really like the packaging, it's so sexy and curvy, hehe. Now the downside is of course the price and also the fact that this mascara doesn't come off as easily. I would say for me it's worth it though. I don't use this everyday and when I do use it, I notice a huge difference. Lancome Hypnose is definitely an HG product for me.

What are some of your favourite mascaras (high and low end)?

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