11:49 AM

October 5, 2009

After the dramatic liner and bold lips of this past weekend, I did a soft gold/green look for the first day of work week. I have enjoyed hauling for Style Black but now I'm on no buy until christmas. I need to buy some new clothes coz I did my closet inventory this weekend and I need to get some stuff. Either way the holiday stuff usually don't interest me so it's an easy pass.

Here's today's look:

MUFE Duo Matte 205
Love Joy mb
BB Apricot Shimmer Brick

Cashflow p/p - base
Goldmine e/s - inner lid
Amber lights e/s - outer lid
Mink n Sable e/s - crease
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Baked 247/ - lower lahsline
Lise Watier Black Gold e/l - to line

Lollipo Lovin l/s
Sock Hop l/g





4 Responses to "Mink n Amber"

  1. Stephanie Says:

    holy crap! these colors are gorgeous on you!! love this look. it's so pretty.

  2. Nepenthe Says:

    Such a soft and pretty look. I really love the colours. :]

  3. Clara Says:

    beautiful! i love these kinds of colors on you. the lip combo is also quite amazing :)

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Stephanie - thanks, it was a pretty simple look but i liked the result too.

    Nepenthe - heeeeeey! Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked the look :)

    Clara - thanks sweetie. I know you love Lollipop Lovin too ;)

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