April 2, 2010

Today was a gorgeous day here in Ottawa and we spent most of the day by one of the beaches in the city. The sun was shining and I unfortunately forgot my sunscreen so I got burnt :( but it'll go away soon and hopefully replaced with a tan.

I wanted to quickly share my thoughts on Art Supplies collection which was released yesterday. I went to MAC with Shayla a.k.a Reve Noir who will probably share her thoughts on the collection with you guys when she gets back to Edmonton. My review is limited to items that I was interested in and what I ended up buying.

Greasepaint Sticks
I'm already a huge GPS fan so I was very thrilled about the release of all the new ones. I adore my Black GPS from Style Black. It makes an awesome smokey eye base as it's very crease resistant on me. I thought the the new ones were actually a little softer and glide in with minimal effort. I got Dirty as I'm on a taupe kick lately and this one will make a great soft smokey eye base, because it's softer than the black. Dirty is the exact same colour as Sweet Sienna pigment which is one of my fave shades. I also picked up Below Ground which is a dustier version of Bronze e/s. I found this one particularly smooth and easy to apply and blend. Below Ground will be an awesome base for gold and neutral shades which I tend to wear more in the summer. I wanted to also get Charred Mauve but I felt that the shade was so dark that it would look black once you add eyeshadows on top. Greengrease was also very pretty but not quite as pigmented as the rest.

Pearlglide Liners
This is the second release of the pearlglide liners. I only have Wolf from the last release so I was excited about the new shades. I wanted to limit myself to two shades only. The two that stood out the most to me were Undercurrent (teal base with aqua glitters) and Designer Purple (super gorgeous purple with violet shimmer) and those are the two I picked up. I also really liked Industrial as I'm a big fan of silverish blues so I might go back for that one. Another pretty one is Black Line because it looks like a dark sumptuous olive but I have a Lise Watier LE liner shade called Black Gold that looks exactly the same.

I didn't really bother with the lip stain markers as I'm not too big on lipstain. However, I did Back2MAC for Impassioned lipstick. I had wanted it forever and I think it's a nice shade to have as the temperature rises.

Hope my mini review helped you guys. Here's a picture of everything:


and swatches on NW25 skintone, no base:

Left to right: Below Ground GPS, Dirty GPS, Undercurrent p/g, Designer Purple p/g

6 Responses to "MAC Art Supplies Haul and Review"

  1. London's-beauty Says:

    Ahh you lucky girl! there's sun and it's like raining in my area.
    i love mac lipsticks, they sound good and i like the colour of your mac lipstick, what colour is it? i've read many good reviews about them.

  2. Gold Dusk Says:

    The pearlglide eyeliners look so pretty!

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    London's beauty - it's a bright pink but has hints of coral in it. I'm gonna post a look with it soon.

    Gold Dusk - they are :)

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    London's beauty - it's a bright pink but has hints of coral in it. I'm gonna post a look with it soon.

    Gold Dusk - they are :)

  5. Deborah Jones Says:

    I've just ordered Dirty and Below Ground. And I love my current GPS from Style Black. I'm going to have to get more in the future at this rate!!!! Loving the rest of your haul :)

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Deborah - I know GPS are love! I know a lot of folks aren't big fan but hey more for u and I :D

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