April 22, 2010

I know I made a whole post about how I was gonna go on low-buy, but I attended a cosmetics event at the Bay and couldn't resist all the pretty things! I had a $10 off coupon from Nars and also some Bay points to burn so I splurged on myself :/ I also had a makeover at Nars with one of the items that's been on my wishlist for a while: Schiap lipstick. I actually quite liked my makeover. She did simple neutral eyes and bold lips. Of course I didn't have my camera on me at the time so didn't take any pics :(

This is a the rundown of the total damage:

From Nars I bought Schiap lipstick and Gilda blush. Schiap is a super bright cool toned pink lipstick; it's pretty much neon on. I'm a sucker for this kinda shade so I fulfilled my long time lemming and got this. I also purchased Gilda blush as I've been wanting a nice matte coral blush and this was it. I liked it better than Gina which was more on the orange side on me. They were doing a free gift with purchase of two items so I received a set of three mini Nars lip glosses in Risky Business, Moon Fleet and Stolen Kiss. I've never tried Nars lipglosses so this is a great opportunity to do so.


I checked out Pret-a-Papier collection at MAC but nothing stood out to me. I was interested in the coral blush but it just paled in comparison to Gilda. I also liked to coral paint pot but figured I hardly ever wear coral on my eyes so I passed. Instead I bought Mouth Off (not pictured) which is a nice coral lip pencil from Too Fabulous Collection. I already have and love Naked, In Synch and Trimmed in pink from that collection and this one is a welcome addition. These lip liners have super soft texture and are pretty long lasting on me. I really wish MAC would make them permanent.

Finally, I went to Chanel counter to pick up some lipsticks. I have been head over heels in love with Chanel ever since my Rouge Coco experience so I wanted to check out more of them. I ended up purchasing Rouge Coco in Orchidee and Phoenix Rouge Allure Lacque. Orchidee is a soft pinkish red on me and it's a subtle and work appropriate shade. Most of my stash consists of louder colours so I thought this would be a nice change for me. Phoenix is a bright strawberry pink that just screams summer to me. I don't have a pink quite like this and I love how pigmented these rouge allure lacques are. I was slightly annoyed that they didn't have their summer collection out but this haul will suffice for now.

Here's a swatch of the lipsticks and the lip liner. I will be doing more detailed review of the products as I use them.

Left to right: Mouth Off l/l, Orchidee RC, Phoenix RA Lacque, Schiap

Have you bought anything exciting lately? Do you own any of the listed products? Please share all in comments.

8 Responses to "I've Been a Baaaaaad Girl!"

  1. Michelle @Lipstickrules Says:

    I LOVE this post!!!!! You are a girl after my own heart. But please stop the talk about Rouge Coco -- my wish list is growing and growing thanks to you!

    I hope I have willpower tomorrow -- there is a YSL event which is right near the NARS counter. aaaaaaack.

  2. Unknown Says:

    wowwwww! enjoy :-)

  3. Miss Shopcoholic Says:

    Shiap looks so pretty!

  4. maya Says:

    Oh my, Gilda looks so pretty! :) Me wants...

    Enjoy your goodies, dear. ♥

  5. Kristie Says:

    Shutting my eyes right now. The words Chanel alone gets my feet all tingly..LOL. I'm resisting the counter before I make some real damage for the CC. Great haul!

  6. Salina Says:

    I know how you feel man!
    These days when i go shopping, i tell whoever i'm with to keep an eye on me and NOT let me into the cosmetic section! But apparently i 'subconsciously' say that i 'just want to look' i swear i don't remember saying that.. lol

    Hard to resist pretty pinks and cute packaging arghhh!!

    Nice lil haul you have, i wish we had NARS here :(

  7. Nicole Joy Says:

    Ooh fun stuff! Im having a Lush giveaway for all my beauty lovers nsiscaretti.blogspot.com or youtube.com/user/nsiscaretti. Have a great weekend!

  8. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Michelle - I love YSl lippies too! Thank God Holt is a bit far from my house, lol!

    Fintia - thanks

    Khymm - it's super hot on!

    Maya - i'm hoping it will be my perfect coral. I'll report back :)

    Naturalchicmakeup - me too! Chanel is like the magic word

    Salina - thanks :) where do u live? Sometimes I wish we had no Nars so I'd spend less on it :D

    Nicole - thanks

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