April 15, 2010

I was planing on a simple and sorta nautical look for today to compliment my stripey shirt. The simpler makeup actually took me twice as long to do and I ended up being late for work. That's when I started to think how often I do makeup that matched my clothes.

I don't normally like to match my makeup to my clothes. You would rarely catch me wearing purple eyeshadow with a purple shirt or red lipstick with a red dress. I'm however all for complimenting my clothes or matching my makeup to my accessories. For example, I'm wearing this stripe shirt and simple dark jeans with red stilettos and my makeup is simple cat eyes with red lips (FOTD to come this evening). So I matched my shoes and the general feel of my outfit. I also like to pick the less dominant colour in a multi-toned outfit and match my makeup to that. I find the complete matchy-matchy thing a bit overwhelming for my personal taste.

How about you guys? Do you like to do a full on match or do you prefer subtle matching or simply complimenting your outfits? Or do you just grab any makeup that's near you and don't dwell on it?

6 Responses to "Thursday Poll - Do you match your makeup to your clothes?"

  1. Laura Says:

    The only makeup I have is very neutral. So, unfortunately not.

  2. Tina Says:

    Girl u know I match my makeup to my clothes all the time!!! LOL!!!
    I know no other way. What else would I wear bright yellow or orange with?? :)

  3. Arezu Says:

    I don't really match my make-up to my clothes, but I do take it into consideration when I'm doing my make-up. For example, I wouldn't do a blue look when I'm wearing an orange shirt.

    I think I take components from my outfit and add it to my make-up, just like you mentioned.

  4. Fintia Says:

    sometimes I kind of match, but not all the time

  5. SummerBabe Says:


    Im a new follower ;)

    I dont match MU with my clothes everyday, but I like to do it in the summer with special dresses ;)

    Im having a GIVEAWAY (Chanel Particuliere nailpolish, OPI, NYX, H&M, CG, The Body Shop, Garnier, Eldora false lashes,...) and youre welcome to join if you liker ;)

    All your readers are welcome too!


  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Laura - Neutrals are great, they go with everything.

    Tina - I know you match and you rock it! I can't even wear yellow or orange shirts :( for some reason they make my complexion look weird :(

    Arezu - yay! We pick our makeup similarly it seems :)

    Fintia - I do match in rare occasions too :)

    Summer Babe - thanks for following :) I notice I'm more matchy-matchy in the summer too

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