March 16, 2011

Hey lovelies! I was feeling kida restless so I was inspired to do this post after I saw miss Fancy Face, a.ka. Tina's blog post about her most used makeup items. Make sure you visit her fab blog, she's one of my greatest inspiration when it comes to makeup.

So you think given all the makeup I collect (and sometimes hoard, lol), there's no way I ever finished anything. But believe it or not, I have! here's a breakdown of the items I have finishes:

1. MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NW25) - this used to me my go-to foundation in the days I wanted heavier coverage. I have been through 4 bottles of this foundation but don't own any currently. Nowadays, I prefer a dewy and my skin but better kind of coverage.

2. MAC Blanc Type Eyeshadow - this is pretty much my everyday highlight shade. I prefer a matte highlight and so I cannot get enough of this gorgeous light ivory shade. I have finished a Blanc Type before and now am mostly out of my second. Need to pick another one ASAP.

3. MAC Snob lipstick - this light cool pink is hands-down the most used lipstick in my stash. I love wearing it with purple smokey eyes (which I tend to do a lot) and really any other eye combination. I have already finished a Snob and am now 50% down my second tube.

4. MAC Blankety Lipstick - Blankety was one of my first two MAC lipsticks ever (the other was Girl About Town, both purchased back in 2003). I have been through one tube already as this is the ideal nude shade for my skintone. I have started using my second tube since last November.

5. Urban Decay Bourbon 24/7 Eyeliner - Bourbon is a gorgeous shimmery medium brown and I reach for it almost blindly. Urban Decay's liners are so smooth and this one goes with everything. I am now on my second Bourbon and only have like 1/4 of my pencil left :(

6. Lise Watier Marin Eyeliner - I adore the quality of Lise watier's liners. They are also some of the longest lasting pencil liners I've tried. This navy shade does a great job of bringing out my amber eyes. I love this pencil and am now on my second one!

7. Annabelle Black Eyeliner - Annabelle is one of my fave drugstore brands and they make some badass eyeliners. Their black liner is very dark, applies smoothly and is long lasting. I think I've been through at least 10 of these since I've been using it since high school.

8. Lancome Hypnose mascara - I always have a few mascaras in rotation but none can ever take the place of Lancome Hypnose in my heart. This is the best volumizing mascara in the market. I usually wear it on night out only but yet been though at least 8 tubes (probably more).

9. MAC Sunbasque blush - so I currently don't own this blush as I ran out of my last one. But I used to fake tan using tanning beds back then (bad bad Saadeh) and loooooved Sunbasque on my skin. I think I've been through two Sunbasques. Gorgeous gorgeous shade! I never bought it again coz it reminds me of my bad tanning habits, nothing wrong with the shades though!

10. OPI Magala Wine - this red burgundy shade is the only nail polish I ever ran out of before it dried. Burgundies are my fave shades to wear on my nails and Magala Wine is the best of them all. I am now on my second Magala Wine.

11. MUFE Face and Body foundation (#32) - I rotate my foundations a lot but in the summer I only wear this light water based foundation. I even like the cooling affect I feel on my face after I apply this. I have already gone through one bottle and am now on my second one.

12. MAC Underage Lipgloss - This milky pink lipgloss is my most beloved gloss in the universe. I don't do as many nude lip looks anymore but when I do, I always layer Underage on top of my lipstick. Once again, I'm on my second tube.

What are your most used makeup items? What products have you ran out of?

2 Responses to "Makeup - What I use the Most"

  1. flora_mundi Says:

    I seem to have bad luck with my very favourite colours either being LE (damn you Mac!) or getting discontinued :-( Thank you for reminded me that I need to get Blanc Type. All the matte highlight shades I have pull a little too pink for my tastes.

    (It's Katred from specktra, btw)

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    u should def check out Blanc Type. It looks very blah in the pan but honestly it's the best highlighting shade out there :)

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