March 8, 2011

Hey beauties! As I had mentioned in a few of my previous posts, I've been having some rough weeks at work due to my department being understaffed and struggling way too many projects at the same time. Also this job in Quebec City could not come at a worst time. I had to do most of the work in French and as it's been 10 years since I even spoken a word in French, it was not a walk in the park.

Anyway, I treated myself to some new goodies for making all my deadlines, I think I deserved it! I went to movies and lunch with hubby Saturday afternoon (we saw Rango, cutest movie ever) and then hit up Sephora and MAC. Here's the drill:

1. MAC Cosmetics - I checked out all three new collections, Jeanious, Creamblend blushes and Sheen Supreme lipsticks. Here's a pic of my MAC haul:

mac haul

Jeanious was a blah collection to me but both blushes are GORGE! I grabbed the last Pink Cult which translate to a beautiful neutral pink on my skintone.

I looooved the creamblend blushes! I have no idea why I never picked any when they came out with the Lillyland collection last year. Their texture is soft and they do not feel greasy at all. I picked up Ladyblush which is a beautiful light coral on me. I want to go back and get Britwit later on. I wasn't in a hurry as these are perm now. I'm into soft blushes lately and I love the healthy glow these new ones add to my skin.

Sheen Supreme is a new formulation of lipstick now permanently available at MAC. These lipsticks are VERY moisturizing and soft yet they are also pretty pigmented. I love how creamy they feel on my lips. I'm not the biggest fan of the tube design but the gorgeous colours and formula make up for it. I picked up Ultra Darling which looks quite a bit like Nars Niagara (will do comparisons for you guys later) but it seems more red. It's a beautiful soft spring shade.

2. Sephora - I hadn't been in a month so I took my time browsing. I picked up some essentials and some long time lemming items:

sephora haul 1

sephora 2

At Makeup Forever counter, I picked up Rouge Intense Artist lipstick in #29 which is a neutral pink colour. I see this as becoming my go-to MLBB shade. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I adore the MUFE's new lipsticks; they satisfy my craving for saturated colour and long lasting quality. I also grabbed a tube of Full Cover Concealer in #7. I've heard a lot about this concealer and thought I give it a shot.

I spent some time swatching the new Urban Decay Shadow Pencils. They are all so pretty and man do they stick once they're set! I mean they do not budge even if you scrub the hell outta your hand. I picked up Morphine which is a lovely lavender shade. I can see myself going back for more. Urban Decay does pencils very well.

Then I got one of my skin care essentials, Bliss Body Butter in Vanilla + Bergamot. I love Bliss products and have been a faithful user of their body scrub and body butter for years. This is my third body butter tube. The Bliss Body Butter is a thick cream yet very spreadable and my skin stays soft for hours when I use this right outta shower. I'm very partial to the vanilla scent, it's lovely and not at all over powering.

Have you picked up any new beauty products lately? Do you own any of the stuff I got? What are your thoughts?

3 Responses to "Treating Myself After a few Rough Weeks"

  1. Ev Says:

    i love treating myself after a couple of tough days or weeks ... love your haul! ... i think i'll be treating myself soon as well ... after some presentations and papers due :-/

  2. Straight Up Glam Says:

    Yay! You picked up an Urban Decay pencil! I told you they were fabulous! I'm excited to see some looks done with this, and to hear what your thoughts on it are! You make me really want to try Bliss, I've never used any of their stuff. I love my Soap & Glory Flake Away body scrub but I might give this one a try next time I'm at Sephora! Enjoy your goodies! =)

    Andrée xx

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Ev - thanks sweetie. I think treating ourselves makes us work even harder next time. So always a go for me :D

    Andree - I will prob get UD pencils more soon. I loooobe Bliss, their stuff is lightely scented by the delicious scent lingers on for hours (yummy)

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