March 2, 2011

As promised in my top 5 coral lipsticks post, I have gone through my pink lipstick stash and tried to select my top 5 for you guys. Except that I adore pink so much and have sooooo many pink lipsticks that I ended up picking 6 lipsticks, lol! I think pink is a very versatile colour and the most feminine of them all. There's a pink for every occasion; baby pink, medium pink, barbie pink, neon pink, fuchsia pink and watermelon pinks. It seems like most of my pink lipsticks are by MAC.

Now onto the reviews and swatches:

1. MAC Bubblegum - this light lavender pink was an LE release from last year and has a glaze texture. In MAC terminology, this means that Bubblegum will deliver a hint of light colour. Though I find this lipstick to be surprisingly opaque on my naturally red lips and adore the multi-toned effect. I love wearing Bubblegum with smokey eyes or when I want a girlier pout.

2. MAC Snob - this cool toned light pink lipstick is by far my most beloved lipstick of all time. So much so that I'm actually on my second tube (and running low) and I never finish any products. Snob has very cool undertones and ideal on fair to light medium skintones. Ensure to pair it with a warmer lip liner if your undertones are more golden. If you're cool toned like yours truly, feel free to pile it on :D Snob is a permanent shade and has a satin finish, meaning it will apply opaquely but is slightly drying.

3. MAC Pink Nouveau - Another hidden gem from MAC's perm line, Pink Nouveau is my go-to for achieving the famous "barbie lips". This shade is also on the cooler side of the spectrum but probably more universally flattering than Snob. It applies evenly and opaquely and does not read drying on my lips at all.

4. MAC Impassioned - Impassioned is a warm neon pink, that is if you can even think of pink as a warm colour. This is definitely a very bold shade so proceed with caution if you're not a fan of bright lips. I adore Impassioned in the summer months; it looks amazing with neutral or warm smokey eyes. Definitely one of the most unique shades out there. Impassioned is a MAC amplified formula which makes it creamy, pigmented and long lasting.

5. Nars Schiap - My fave way to wear pink is to wear it bold and hence I've accumulated quite few fuchsia lipsticks. Nars Schiap has got to be the best neon fuchsia lipstick I own (again not for the faint of heart). It has blue undertones and is very opaque. Nars lipsticks are longer lasting on me that my MAC babies. Schiap has slightly dry texture due to the matte finish so be sure to use a balm before.

6. Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Phoenix - Over a year after I purchased this gorgeous watermelon pink lipstick, I still cannot rave enough about it. Phoenix is just one of those face brightening shades that will look amazing on everyone. Rouge Allure Laque formula is a liquid lipstick that goes on opaque in one layer and is the longest lasting lipstick formula I've tried, while it's not at all drying.

Left to right: Phoenix, Schiap, Impassioned, Pink Nouveau, Snob, Bubblegum


Left to right: Phoenix, Schiap, Impassioned, Pink Nouveau, Snob, Bubblegum

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. What are some of your favourite pink lipsticks?

5 Responses to "Fave Pink Lipsticks to Rock this Spring"

  1. Michelle (LipstickRules) Says:

    I love Schiap and Impassioned!

  2. Barbie Says:

    I want those last three that you swatched! They've been on my wishlist forever! lol

    Great post!

  3. Macbella2 Says:

    I need Impassioned! Great selection ;)

  4. 1xellus1 Says:

    I like Show Orchid. Would love to try Pink Nouveau & Impassioned. Thank you for sharing. :O)

  5. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thanks ladies. Impassioned seems to be popular with everyone. You guys should grab it, u won't be sorry :)

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