July 12, 2012

Hi everyone! Time for anothe pregnancy update, we are now at week 33 which is 8 months and one week. I only have about 6 weeks left till my estimated due date of August 28th.

Here's my bump picture from yesterday:


Weight/body: I have now put on 18 lbs at nearly 34 weeks! Wow, I thought I'd never grow!! My weight is still focused on my bump and nowhere else and I still cary high. My belly button is starting to pop too, lol! My breasts have gone up a cup size unfortunately. I'm hoping they stay where they are now though and don't get any bigger.

Baby Movement: OMG you guys would not believe how much this little one moves and kicks around! I feel like she never sleeps and hope she does sleep when she comes out, lol! She's been head down since week 28 so I feel her kicks right under my ribcage.

Craving/appetite: appetite is all there these days and I'm eating much more than before. My husband is loving it! I still eat very clean though, no fast food or junk snacks. Always home made, even the dessert.

Loving About Pregnancy these days:

- Acts of kindness from family, friends and coworkers. One of my coworkers even threw me a surprise office shower. I received my pretty diaper bag (more on that on another post) as a gift, my boss paid for all refreshments and I had a great time with my coworkers.
- Pregnancy in summer style: maxi dresses are my best friend. Pretty much everyday I get many compliments on my outfits
- Hubby cooking food and baking pies for me. It used to be who did all the cooking and it's nice to have a break from that.
- All the baby kicks, never gets old!

Not Loving so Much:

- The damn heat and humidity! This is the worst summer ever and often, we reach a high of 45C with humidity here in Ottawa :/
- Chest pain, can't do much about it either. It comes and goes throughout the day.
- The waiting game...I wish I wasn't such a control freak and I'd just take things as they come. I wanna know when exactly I'll go into labour, lol!
- Less energy than before...I plan for so much and can never get it all done.

Accomplished so far:

- Nursery complete, all baby gadget and gears purchased. All clothes washed and organized.
- Did the hospital tour and finalized my birth plan. Made it much more generic as I won't know how things go until I go into labour.
- Started on the raspberry leaf tea regiment which is said to facilitate labour. Anyone has personal experience with that?

To do still:

- Attend the prenatal classes (two condensed classes over the next two weekends).
- Pack the hospital bag and have it ready to go.
- Set up the bassinet next to our bed for when baby's still young.

Here you have it. Will update more in the next few weeks in between my usual beauty posts. Hope you enjoyed my pregnancy ramblings :)

4 Responses to "33 Weeks Pregnancy Update"

  1. Bedalyz Says:

    This is such a beautiful part of a woman's life and I'm glad you are enjoying it so much. You really have kept a healthy weight! I remember I put on 40lbs in each of my two pregnancies. O_O LOL

    You look very beautiful.

    Many things will change. I didn't fully understand that statement until I saw my beautiful little baby for the first time. It's like you are opening your eyes for the first time ever and see everything in a different light.

    Hope all goes well and wish you the best. God bless.

  2. SEO Says:

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  3. Laura @ Sawan-Heaven Says:

    You look fabulous!

    My son was born at 32.5 weeks so I didn't get a chance to put on a lot of weight. Babies gain a whole lot at the very end. By the time he reached his due date he was almost 9 lbs. His pediatrician said he would've been heavier than that if he were born full term since they don't have to do any eating while they are in the womb.

    I nearly had a heart attack, but I would've given anything to have him at full term rather than the 3lbs 13 oz he was. He is big and healthy now!

    Hopefully you'll be much more prepared for your little girls arrival than we were for our son. XD

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Beda - thank you so much sweetie. I cannot wait for the finish line of the pregnancy, and meeting my baby girl. I'm actually a bit concerned about not putting on a lot of weight. But my midwife has assured me that everything looks good and I should not worry :)

    Laura - thank you for sharing. I'm glad to hear that ur son ended up healthy and chubby :) I keep wanting my baby to arrive early (like at 37 weeks) but I know babies are best born when they're fully ready. So I try to be patient :)

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