April 29, 2013

My bebe is 8 months old now and it's so amazing to see how much she has changed. Though she's still technically a baby, her personality is really starting to show. She's always shy at first but then start giggling and babbling to strangers.

Here's what my baby is up to these days:

Stat: Hovering around the 20lbs mark, no idea how tall she is though. She's still in some 9-12 months clothing but most of her outfits are now 12month plus.

 photo 40ce93a2-ac49-4396-b18b-740b3670b8d8_zpsecaf747a.jpg

Health: no more colds thank God. She had a diaper rash two weeks ago but it went away in two days time. Seems that she's finally getting a tooth!!!! Her bottom gums are very hard and I "think" I can see a white spot under them.

 photo fd47bd26-c07a-498d-900a-c175308d5e4b_zps40817a4f.jpg

Eat - Sofia is still breastfed during the day every 3 hours or so. She is also still enjoying her purees but we have started giving her some finger food and hoping to switch fully to baby led weaning. She's starting to really fight being fed anyway so the time is right. She has had pancakes, pasta, avocado bits, crackers,...even some herbed Persian stew which she adored much to my mom's delight :D

 photo 6b83929e-bfba-4e63-8753-284e3a99073b_zps9a8790a2.jpg

Sleep - sleep through most nights from 7 pm to 7 am. Some nights she shuffles around 4-5 am but usually I don't have to get out of bed and she settles herself. She takes two naps a day from 1-1.5 hour each.

 photo 46230ee6-963e-4bbc-ab0f-f47ed21f1d89_zps5f8a1904.jpg

Milestones: quite a few this month

- crawls very fast now. Seems to enjoy getting to things she shouldn't get to (cables, statues, shoes....)
- can stand unassisted for a few seconds
- goes from crawling to sitting position and vice versa quickly
- claps her hands on demand. She uses this motion to express her happiness
- started finger food. Wants to feed herself and screams if we try to feed her
- stil LOVES music, moves her arms up and down when she hears a song or when I sing to her

 photo 58679ff9-b5fc-40fa-9517-c96827e484ea_zps6b40c3a1.jpg

How I'm doing:

- unfortunately still struggling with post partum insomnia. I'm going to see my doctor this week to switch to a lower dose medication.
- Besides that health is great! Still working out 4-5 times a week one of which is my Zumba class. I'm loving Zumba, not sure why I never took classes before. It's so me!!
- still breastfeeding full time but planing on slowly weaning her starting 9 months as I'm due back at work in August. Any tips on this moms?
- feeling nostalgic about having to go back to work in 3 months time. It has to be done but I will miss hanging out with my baby everyday.

 photo 598899e8-c144-45fb-ac19-5a56fcc859da_zps0b9e9ea3.jpg

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  1. Chantel Says:

    Your daughter is so precious <3

  2. Amina Says:

    she is sooo beautiful mashallah!!

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thank you so much ladies <3

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