Bahamian Escape was part of the all blue collection China Glaze did last year, the name of the collection escapes me right now. I already had Bermuda Breakaway and Caribbean Blue so I got Bahamian Escape with my last H2T order. Guys, I honestly think this is one of my favourite nail polishes ever! It's a gorgeous sky blue and absolutely irresistible! I wore it on its own yesterday and for today I added a thin layer of ChG fairy Dust on top. Here it is:

Bahamian Escape

Isn't it gorgeous? I love its creme finish and I also love it with Fairy Dust (pictured).

2 Responses to "Bahamian Escape is beautiful"

  1. Superficialgirl Says:

    Very pretty color!

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    I know I love this np! Def get it if you can find it

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