April 6, 2010

I was going through my stash last night to inspire myself for a colourful FOTD when I realized that I honestly have so much makeup that it takes forever to even glance at it! As my makeup addiction started with eyeshadows and then I moved to lip products and finally face products, I now have too much of everything!

I did some thinking and decided that I should go on a low buy. I know I won't succeed at a complete no-buy and would only result in me being disappointed so this was the best compromise. Here are the rules I've created for myself:

1. Makeup spending to be under $50 per month
2. I'm not allowed to buy any eyeshadows until fall
3. Start swapping things I don't use on MUA (already started this)

In order to help curb the spending cravings, I've decided to avoid my Nars and MAC counters, where I always spend a good penny, when I go to the mall. I'm also going to limit my visits to Specktra colour collection threads. Instead, I will be spending more time coming up with edgier and more creative looks. I probably already know how to do my makeup but I want to excel at it.

Do you guys have any tips for someone going on low buy? Who's on low buy bandwagon with me?

10 Responses to "Low Buy Support?"

  1. Unknown Says:

    Ughh, I know how you feel! It's bad, because I recently started buying MAC products off this MAC community on live journal, and sometimes I can get really good deals. For example, pro pans for $5 - stuff like that. Who can resist that?

    I'm definitely stopping today. I already racked up a big bill.

    Good luck!

  2. Gaby Fauchon Says:

    I should start swapping, too. I have tons of unused and unloved makeup products. Maybe I'll do a giveaway someday?

  3. PrincessLisax3 Says:

    I know how you feel!! I would just buy colors I will actualy use. I use to buy just to have. I get frustrated with trying to keep out with MAC's new launches every month or so...so when the collection does launch...just think twice before buying. Swatch it...ask yourself if you're going to be using it a lot of 1 x use? I don't buy it unless I LOVE the color. Do I LOVE or LIKE this? If I like it..Am I going to be able to use it as an everyday look or on a look that I do occasionally?

    I just know is you stay away from the MAC counters...and when you do go back you're going to be tempted to splurge even more and go crazy.Happened to me when I was banned from MAC from my boyfriend =/.

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Arezu - I know I used to buy a lot of cheap MAC off Specktra. I always thought it was ok coz it was cheap but then I bought too much :/ and for the last 3 months I've been buying more Nars and Chanel; ughhh I gotta stop!

    Gaby - swapping is a great idea so you can control the urge of getting new stuff. I'm just in the middle pf swapping a full size pigment I don't use for one I think I'll use more :)

  5. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Molly - lol, u're right LE stuff is hard to resist. That's why i'm gonna stay away from counters and Specktra colour collection threads and maybe spend more time actually improving my makeup skills.

    My hubby has also put me on MAC and Nars ban :(

  6. Michelle @Lipstickrules Says:

    I need to do this too. I really don't 'need' to buy any more makeup but I can't stop. LOL. I will try to follow your example.

  7. BRosa Says:

    Yeah, I'm there. About 2 yrs ago I bought a 5-drawer cart from Walmart (similar to this one: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Sterilite-7-Drawer-Cart-Set-of-2/10401064) and It is almost full. I promised myself I'll simply will not have more makeup than what this organizer can handle.

    I've bought some new makeup lately, some drugstore or on websites like ACW or HauteLook, even ELF! I have not spent more than $40 per month (and I think I'm exaggerating the number).

    I will be posting a few mini-hauls soon: not so many products at very low prices, LOL.

    So my limits are: my makeup orgnizer and amount of $ to be spent monthly. I have stopped going to Sephora, MAC(though the other day I ordered skincare products online--I do that once a year) Macy's and other stores.

    My motivation: Youtube videos about looks, dupes, drugstore hauls; beauty blogs for ideas, coupons websites. If I want something really expensive then I prefer to save the money, not matter how long it takes, to pay cash for it. When I see how much I'm paying for something in cash, that always has a bigger effect on me (compared to paying with my ATM or credit card).

    Good luck.

  8. Abby Q. Says:

    That definitely takes a lot of determination, I commend you for your effort! I need to stop looking at makeup sites for a bit because I've spent wayyyy too much lately on makeup. Sigh. But I think a bit of self-restraint is really healthy!

  9. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Michelle - I'm mostly doing it due to the fact that I don't use everything and then I feel guilty :(

    Beda - thank you so much for the tips. I also simply have too much makeup. I need to check out some YT tuts with dupes and stuff. Do you have any preferred channels you'd recommend?

    Abby - thanks. It's hard not to get stuff at all. That's why I'm gonna try to get as little as possible. And swapping is also a lot of fun.

  10. BRosa Says:

    Let's see:



    are some of my fave ladies. I just do a search for "dupes" and get to see and hear great opinions and less pricey options for all kind of makeup/skincare products.


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