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June 1, 2010

It's time for another installment of my monthly favourite products. For the month of May you will notice a theme of light coverage and warm toned products. Summer started here about 3 weeks ago!


1. Nars Cordura Duo - I know you are shocked to see this product *read with sarcastic tone*. I've been wearing this duo pretty much 2-3 a week since I got it in a swap. Cordura was actually one of the few makeup items I took with me to our trip. Both sides are super pigmented and especially the dark brown side is super gorgeous. This product can easily be mixed and matched with your existing stash and go from simple day browns to smoldering night time smokey.

2. Annabelle Mineral Foundation - this amazing powder foundation has officially become my go-to summer coverup. I love how light it feels yet it conceals my old acne scars and lasts throughout a hot day. For a full review of this mineral foundation, click here.

3. MAC Mouth Off Lip Liner - I've been very much into coral lips ever since spring and this lip liner does an amazing job to match my now growing stash of coral lippies. I tend to fill my lips with this liner first and then layer on either a lipstick or lip liner or both. I really hope they repromote this shade as I use it a lot and only got one.

4. MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush - I've had this blush since the original launch of early 2008 and though it's always been a favourite of mine, I really gave it a workout this past month. Eversun is a peachy bronzy shade on me and does an amazing job of warming up my complexion no matter the season. The texture is also amazingly buildable.

5. MAC Below Ground GPS - it's no secret that I adore MAC's grease paint sticks (GPS). They are great as eyeshadow base and hold on to my lids tight. This particular shade is ideal for summer as it has a bronze tone to it, perfect alone or under all your gold, brown, taupe and even peachy eyeshadows.

Have you tried any of these 5 products? Thoughts? What are your top five products for the month of May?

9 Responses to "May Favourites"

  1. FabDiva20 Says:

    Eversun is my favorite blush as well! I've had this blush for a year since Style Warriors came out and I'm in need of a backup of this amazing blush!

  2. Fintia Says:

    I regret not buying Mouth off!

  3. Amina Says:

    I've had Cordura in my wishlist forever!!
    my top 1 this month..the MUFE HD blushes,
    I also love Eversun blush

  4. Amira Says:

    Ohhhh i've just ordered Nars Cordura, i can't wait!

    I'm a Nars fanatic these days!

  5. Hardcore Makeup Junkie Says:

    Nice favourites list :) I really want to try the Nars eyeshadow duo. I just rediscovered an old Nars shadow in my makeup bag, and it makes me want to get some more ;)



  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Fab Diva - Eversun is a great product and seems to work for so many ppl :)

    Fintia - can u still order it online?

    Amina - I need some of those HD blushes! Which ones did u like best?

    Amira - u need Cordura in ur life. Nars is now officially my fave brand.

    Handcore makeup junkie - i haven't used any of their singles but their duos are awesome! I def recommend them :)

  7. Amira Says:

    Ok Saadeh!

    I just got Cordura in the mail, and it's amazing, you're right!! I also got many other Nars duo and single eyeshadows, i'll do a blog post about my haul ;-)

    Nars rocks!


  8. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Amira - I'm glad u're loving it. I now have 10 Nars duos and they are all great. Nars is an amazing brand, their blushes, lipsticks and foundations are also amazing

  9. Amira Says:

    Thanks doll!

    Yep, i already loved their blushes!

    I only had Bohemian Gold eyeshadows duo for a few years but never touched it. One day, i rediscovered it and fell in love with Nars eyeshadows.

    The lipsticks are next on my list! I'm eyeing Venice lipstick, it looks pretty!

    I don't like their lipglosses though, they don't last long on the lips :-(

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