June 21, 2010

Hey guys! I wanted to ask your opinion on an idea I've been entertaining for a while. I used to be a big fan of the fake bake look and enjoyed some fake glow using tanning bed in my early 20's. At some point (to be precise fall of 2008) I started to worry about the negative affects of tanning and stopped going. I've had this annoying urge to go back to the beds this summer though and I don't know how to fight it :(

I'm by no means fair skinned. I do have light neutral skintone (about NW25 in MAC studio fix) that burns easily in the sun so I find the natural tanning a bit painful. This summer to fight my urge to visit tanning beds I've started to use self tanner but still haven't found my favourite. I have a glow but not the tan I'm looking for.

Here's a picture of me au-natural, from this past January:

And here one of me after a few visit to the tanning salon from a couple of years ago:

That's where you guys come in. Which look you think suites me best, tanned or au-natural? And also, what are some of your favourite self tanners? If you do use tanning beds, how often do you go?

13 Responses to "To Tan or Not To Tan - I need your input"

  1. Awilda Fashionista Says:

    You look great either way but PLEASE DON'T use tanning beds! They are the most unsafe thing in the world. In some places they are banned!

    I use self tanners and occasionally I go for a spray tan. But I can usually get a nice enough tan with the St Tropes Mousse or now the ST tropez tanning spray.

  2. Tina Says:

    I agree with Awilda...u look great either way. I think the tan would look great for summer but please don't use a tanning bed! :(

  3. Sarah@Glossicious ♥ Says:

    you look pretty in first pic, my suggestion stay away from tanning :)

  4. Adina Says:

    I agree with everything that has been said. You look gorgeous either way, but please don't go to the beds. They are terrible in every way!

    Try St Tropez ;)

  5. candoo Says:

    Definitely don't go to the tanning salons. You may like it know but you will regret the effects that it will have on your skin later. Try St. Tropez or Kate Somerville. Good luck

  6. Fintia Says:

    no tanning! its not good for the skin hun you look great au natural! lol

  7. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Awilda - thank you :)I gotta try the St Tropez tanning spray. Is the smell very strong?

    Tina - no even if I wanted now hubby won't let me. I do love a summer tan though, gotta go the self tanner routes.

    Sarah - thank you. I like my natural shade too. I just think tanner skin makes me look slimmer, hehe.

    Adina - yey, another St, Tropez recommendation. I really gotta try it. Thank you :)

    Candoo - thanks, taking note of Kate Summerville tanning spray as well.

    Fintia - thanks hun, seems like beds are outta question.

  8. Arianne Says:

    I do agree with everyone else -- stay away from the tanning beds. But I think you look just marvellous with a tan, girl!

    I'm quite tan myself but I looove self-tanners. There are so many options now that you can use. One of my favourites, if you are new to self-tanning is Olay Quench gradual tanner. Two to three days you will see results! And it smells pretty good.

  9. Awilda Fashionista Says:

    Th st tropez spray does smell while you are spraying in, it's kind of like perfume. Do it in a well ventilated area.

    for the first 2 days you can smell it on yourself but its not that bad that other people stand away, lol. I'm sure anyone else can smell it.

    Another route is trying one of those gradual tanning body creams, like L'oreal. I've never used it but some people at work use it.

  10. Shayla Says:

    I like both on you (tanned and untanned) :)

    I use tanning beds every once in a while - a lot less than before, but I usually only go for 8 to 10 minutes at a time. And I haven't been for quite a while.

    I'm not sure that some of the research and what not is conclusive surrounding tanning beds, especially since a lot of people that won't use those beds will still go and lay out in the "natural" sun. I think pretty much everything is "bad" for you these days, though :S

    That, and I can never get self-tanners to work for me. Especially since I don't have anyone to get the "hard to reach" spots for me. Let me know how that St Tropez stuff works for you if ti's good, though!

  11. Amy Says:

    Please do NOT tan! It is so dangerous and causes premature aging and skin cancer... If you must just use self-tanners but honestly I think your natural color is gorgeous. Random but you have great boobs haha!

  12. Tina Says:

    I see you almost every day and I think you look great all year, but I will honestly say that you look really good with your tanned skin.

    I am not a fan of natural tanning so if you do decide to darken your skin I would suggest salon spray tanning. A girl at work does it and is really pleased with the results.

  13. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Arianne - thanks, Olay is another one I'm gonna try, as long as the scent isn't overwhelming.

    Shayla - I'm gonna try St Tropez and let u know. I still have to find out where to get it in Canada.

    Amy - thanks sweetie and lol @ the boob comment :)

    Tina - The salon tan wears really patchy though, at least it does for me. I like the result at first then once it wears off it's a disaster

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