June 17, 2010

Another Thursday's Poll comin' at you! I admit I was having a bit of a brain freeze for this one. I do my poll posts late on Wednesday nights and schedule them for Thursday morning. On this particular Wednesday I had a pretty rough day in the office and wanted to just sleep let alone cook and blog. Granted I still managed to do both, but it was a struggle for my brain!

I keep reading in various blogs and makeup community that quite few ladies don't sport bold lips ever. Most say that bold lips don't flatter them or that they are just plain scared of in your face shades. As a proud wearer of bold lipsticks, from retro reds to dark purples depending on my mood, I will say that there is a bold shade out there for any skintone. Bold lips just take a little more confidence to wear. My suggestion always to start slow. Perhaps go with a red lipgloss before a matte retro red lipstick. Or use a purple stain before trying out MAC Kirchs matten! Some of my fave bold options are MAC Ruby Woo l/s (red), Chanel Genial RA (coral), Nars Damned matte velvet pencil (burgundy red), Nars Schiap (fuchsia) and MAC Night Violet matten (purplish burgundy).

Do you wear bold lips? If so how often? Please share in comments.

2 Responses to "Thurday Blog Post - Bold Lipstick"

  1. Zerin Says:

    I love wearing my hot pink gladiola lipstick! I wear it on days where I'm lazy and rushed and still want to look like I have some make-up on. lol

    My other favourite bold colours are...

    Mac Ruby Woo
    Mac Impassioned
    Nars Damned
    Chanel Lip Lacque in Dragon
    Mac Vegas Volt

  2. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Zerin, I have all of ur faves and they'r also my faves, hehe! Great minds think alike. I think I have more bold lipsticks than nude or neutral lipsticks :D

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