June 17, 2010

I'm on fire with the blogging today! I'm home a little early so I thought I post this review before I start cooking. I can multi task between writing this post and watching France vs Mexico game.

I grabbed a couple of the MUFE Aqua Cream liners last week and have been testing them since. I didn't want to get more for now to see how I like them first. Let me just say: I'm going back for more!

Aqua creams are very creamy and come in a array of bright colours, you can even find some gorgeous metallic shades in the range. I grabbed #5 (a peachy pink) and #22 (emerald green). The aqua creams come in a screw top jar that's made of plastic, that to me is the only con. I kinda wish they came in a glass jar like MAC's paint pots. It's all a matter of preference though. They are priced at $25CAD for 6gm of product. I would say you get a good deal of products as the paint pots are $20CAD for 5 gm. The two shades I purchased are very true to the colour in the pot; they show up very pigmented and blend easily.

Performance-wise, I use these babies as base and they last on me without creasing until I take them off at night (10+hours). I don't have oily lids though, I have the same luck with MAC paint pots and GPS as well as Benefit creaseless shadows. I never had to use an additional base. Additionally I love how multi-purpose these are. I wore #5 today on my lips topped with MAC clear gloss and it was perfect. They'r a little drying on the lips but nothing a little lip balm can't fix.

In summary, all I gotta say is two thumbs up! I will be passing by Sephora soon to grab some more! See below for pictures:



#22 left, #5 right (on NW25 skin)

Have you purchased any of the MUFE aqua cream liners? how do you like them?

3 Responses to "MUFE Aqua Cream Liners - A Review"

  1. Kat Stanford Says:

    Thnak you for this review! I've just purchased one myself and can't wait to get it!

  2. Abby Q. Says:

    Very pretty! I am holding out b/c the $22 price tag is kinda steep for me right now but I am sure once the right sephora sale comes along, I will be giving in!

  3. Shayla Says:

    I'm really tempted to get some of these, but not really wanting to spend the money right now. I'll keep them in mind for down the road....and maybe by then they'll have more colors!

    Thanks for the review :D

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