May 9, 2010

Thanks to my dear Stephanie for giving me this award. She is always so sweet to me and I draw so many inspirations from her blog. Definitely check out her gorgeous FOTD's.


The rules of this award are:
1. Give this award to ten sweet and friendly bloggers
2. Make a post about the award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you
3. Put the award on your blog
4. Let your nominated ten know you have awarded them by leaving a comment

I would like to pass the Sweet Blog award to:
1. Amynicholaox
2. Brilliant Brunette
3. Lipstick Rules
4. The Fancy Face
5. Fintia
6. XinaRox
7. Beda's Beauty Blog
8. ReveNoir
9. Swatchcat
10. Zoffe's makeup

3 Responses to "Sweet Blog Award"

  1. Fintia Says:

    thanks hun xx

  2. Tina Says:

    You are definitely a sweet blogger! This award was meant for you! :)
    Thx for the if only I had 10 ppl to award..LOL!

  3. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Fintia - np :)
    Tina - np, u deserve it too:) u can just give it to as many ppl as u like

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