June 24, 2010

Hey girlies! For this week's edition of Thursday's Poll, I thought I ask you about your favourite summer hair style as every summer I like to come up with fresh ideas myself.

I have mid-length wavy hair. My hair is not super thick (more like medium) but I've got a lot of it, lol! And right now I'm growing my bangs out. Since it's finally very hot in Ottawa, not to mention humid, I definitely like my hair outta my face and away from my neck if I'm outside for more than half an hour. My fave style this year is a combination of braided or twisted headband to keep my bangs up plus either a low side bun or another side braid. If I'm inside, I just leave me hair down and put on a headband. I don't really use any styling products besides my beloved Morrocainoil mask which I use once a week. I definitely favour the low maintenance styes especially in the summer.

What is your favourite summer hair style? I would love to hear your comments.

2 Responses to "Thurday Blog Post - Summer Hair Style"

  1. Amira Says:

    My fave summer hairstyle is... denying that i even have hair lol. They get so frizzy with the humidity, nothing works, it's just plain depressing.

  2. Arezu Says:

    I have out of control hair, and I just thought (right now) that I should probably go get my hair cut.

    I don't have any "summer" hairstyles because I suck, lol, so I just do the same old thing, hair up, hair down, in a bun, bangs out of the way, bangs down, etc.. Unoriginal stuff, lmao.

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