January 3, 2010

I did a fashion post a few days ago based on positive comments about some of my party dresses. I thought I follow up by making a post about some of my fave shopping destination. Now a lot of these stores are Canadian chains but I will add a description so you'll have an idea what to expect at each of them. Also, I'm not very picky when it comes to brands. These five chains just happen to have the styles I like and their clothes fit me better.

1. Bedo

Bedo is a Canadian chain based in Quebec and is my absolute favourite place to shop for clothes. Their stores are loaded with trendy and classic pieces and somehow their stuff just "fit me". I never need any tailoring when I shop at Bedo. I especially like their pants and wool pieces.

2. RW&Co

Another Canadian chain store which is one of my faves coz I can always find great work outfit for a decent price. Also, they have 100% recyclable bag program and use cruelty free fabrics only. Check out their website here.

3. Tristan and America

I'm not entirely sure whether Tristan is an American or Canadian chain but they do have stores in US and Canada. Their stuff is a bit pricier than RW&Co but I still shop at Tristan quite a lot as they have the best form fitting shift dresses and amazing work blazers.

4. Mexx

I love mexx for refined and trendy clothing. I remember 5-6 years ago their stuff was office friendly but very basic thought the quality was always superb. Now they have improved by making more unique pieces in various colours while maintaining the original great quality. I'm also a fan of their accessories.

5. Winners

How can anyone forget about Winners? Winners is the Canadian equivalent of TJ Maxx and you can never predict what you'll find when you go there. I find that with stores with Winners you need to be patient to find great finds. It's not always guaranteed they have the exact style or size you're looking for but you're bound to find another great piece that you never thought Winners would carry, lol! Winners is also great places to shop for shoes, bags, jewelry, fragrance...at a discount price. They've even started to carry brands like Urban Decay for less than half of what you pay at Sephora.

What are some of your fave stores to shop at? Please share in comments.

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