January 20, 2010

I used some warmer colours in my makeup today which is sorta rare for me. I subconsciously always reach for my cool (and lately matte) colours but I thought I mix it up. It was another cloudy day and I adjusted the setting of my camera for the closeups but i think it washed out the colours; they're kinda more dull, even my eye colour shows as dark brown instead of the golden honey brown :( oh well, hopefully we'll get some sunshine tomorrow. Meanwhile, I should go finish up my cooking so I can hit up my MAC freestanding tonight!

Here's the look. Let me know what you guys think.

LW concealer
Ben Nye Powder
Eversun bpb
Sunspill loose bp

Rubenesque p/p - base
Mythology e/s - mid lid
Chocolate Brown p/m - inner and outer lid
Embark e/s - outer v
Evening Aura e/s - above crease
Blanc Type e/s - highlight
Creme de Miel e/s - tear duct
UD Bourbon 24/7 - lower lashline
Annabelle Brown s/l - to line

Cream Cup l/s
My Favourite Pink d/g





10 Responses to "A Rare Warm Look From Me"

  1. Fintia Says:

    love the lips with the eyes!

  2. Shayla Says:

    Love the warm colors, ESPECIALLY with your hair right now! Beautiful :)

  3. Arezu Says:

    I really like the warm eyes on you, it brings your eyes out (:

    And how in the world do you come up with these beautiful combinations day after day? I look at my make-up in the morning trying to think of what to wear, and then I run late and don't wear anything at all! ):

  4. ShiningSttar Says:

    Rare but GORGEOUS!!! You can totally pull off those colors! I love it with the heavy liner!!!

  5. Clara Says:

    I love, love, love warm colors on you. Especially with the new hair, this look is bangin!!!

  6. Shadowy Lady Says:

    thanks girls, you all made my day :)

    Arezu - I honestly come up with my colour combos very randomly. Most of the time it's something I see in the nature, in my own cloths or it's just that I wanna use a colour I haven't used for a while and think of what I can do with it. I do sometimes take inspiration from other ppl's makeup too but that's prob just 25% of the time :)

  7. Pixie Says:

    I love warm looks. It's sooo pretty on you.

  8. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks Pixie, from the one EOTD I saw, warm colours looked gorge on u too :)

  9. romelia Says:

    Eversun looks so good on you

  10. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Thanks Romelia :)

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