January 28, 2010

Happy Thursday everyone! Seems like we've almost survived another week. Mine at work hasn't been as crazy as it used to be, though I can see signs of it picking up next week and I even have to work on Saturday :(

For this week's poll, I wanted to ask your opinions on drugstore (low end) vs department store (high end) makeup. When shopping for beauty products, do you tend to exclusively go for drugstore or high end?

In general, I stick mostly to medium to high end products. Most of my makeup stash consists of MAC, MUFE, Nars and now also Bobbi Brown. I have had good experience with these brands colour selection and pigmentation. However, there are some great drugstores gems out there. For example, I don't think your mascara HAS to be high end. True, I love my Lancome Hypnose but I also use Cover Girl Lashblast on a daily basis. I also have been using Annabelle's kohl liners and eyeshadows since highschool and I still love them. I'm also now getting into their lipliners and I think they're great quality. Other drugstore gems are Gosh velvet liners and NYX jumbo pencils and loose pigments. I tend to stay away from drugstore foundations though. I have a more uncommon skintone so I always have a hard time with colour match.

In conclusion, would say I'm 80% high end and 20% low end makeup user!

What is your take on this topic?

12 Responses to "Thursday Poll - Drugstore vs Department Store Makeup"

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm around 50/50 I think, Thinking about it I may actually buy more drugstore. It's just more accessible to me and the prices are much more purse friendly. I do like the occasional splurge on high end goodies though!

  2. Shayla Says:

    I'm mostly high-end...me = brand snob when it comes to makeup. Not other stuff though (aside from food).


  3. Rebecca Says:

    Mostly drugstore! I do love high end consmetics, but I am living on a budget here! It's also nicer to try a cheap drugstore brand and be pleasantly surprised than to spend loads of money on high-end and be disappointed! :D

  4. Pixie Says:

    I love both. Probably have more high end and mid end though. It's somehow easier to shop for than drugstore stuff. I love both equally; I think!

  5. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Kelly - that's true, accessibility is a big deciding factor for me. Except I have access to a lot of high end stuff :/

    Shayla - you snob you :D

    Rebecca - I def agree with your last statement. There are tones of good low end products out there.

    Pixie - I agree. The low end stuff I love, I use as much as my high end stuff

  6. ShiningSttar Says:

    I'd say Im 50/50...that may be pushing it I think im more of a 70/30 high end. I have my drugstore faves that I Love. Then there is the highend stuff I buy at Drug Stores lol Lise Watier, Smashbox, Vichy skin care ect. lol

  7. Fintia Says:

    I lean more towards high end than drugstores. A few years back it was totally the opposite. I do love NYX Revlon and Rimmel :-)

  8. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Tahnee - then you're prob mostly high end as well. Smashbox, Lise Watier are faaar from low end :D

    Fintia - which products from Revlon and Rimmel do you recommend?

  9. Carine Says:

    I only use drugstore makeup (because I must save for other things :/) except for my mascara, which is from Dior.

  10. Nepenthe Says:

    I use both. If I could find equivalents to high end favourites for a drugstore price.. I'd be all over it. LOL

    Though I have to say, these days I find that a lot of drugstore brands are creeping up in price, so I don't feel terrible if I spend just a few dollars more on MAC.

  11. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Carine - you're the opposite of me. My daily mascara is CG but I use Hypnose by Lancome when I go out.

    Nepenthe - welcome back! I def agree with your point about drugstore brands now being more expensive. I mean Revlon costs as much as MAC and I would rather buy MAC anyday

  12. Shayla Says:

    "Revlon costs as much as MAC and I would rather buy MAC anyday"

    I agree!

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