January 31, 2010

So I wasn't supposed to blog today but the hubby had to do some work so I might as well get a couple of posts in as I won't be able to tomorrow.

For this edition of Sunday's Fave Post, I've selected Scranie's post on OPI Hong Kong Swatches.

So I know this is a little biased as I've been uber excited about this collection for a while now. But I just loved her swatches and she confirmed my lemmings for me (Jade is the New Black, Meet Me on the Star Ferry, Suzi Says Fen Shui). In general, I always trust Scrangie's swatches and her dupes. If you don't already follow her (but who isn't?), definitely check her out. Her nailpolish swatches are the best out there.

Have you seen Scrangie's post with the new OPI swatches? What did you think? What was your favourite blog post of this past week?

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