January 21, 2010

Happy Thursday everyone! Thursday is actually my favourite day of the week. It's only one day away from the weekend and also pay day every second week. Not to mention most MAC collections are released on Thursdays. It's also Poll Day, lol!

Anyway, for today's poll, the question is: for those of you guys that wear lipstick on a regular basis, what texture of lipstick do you prefer? Most of my lipsticks (80%) are MAC with some Nars, YSL, Dior and Lancome thrown in there. MAC classifies their lipstick by texture and there are Amplified Cream (creamy, pigmented and opaque), Lustre (sheer, moisturizing and shiny), Frost (frosty and more pigmented than lustre), Matte (matte, slightly drying and pigmented), Satin (satiny feel and pigmented), Glaze (super sheer) and finally creamsheen (a mix of Amp Cream and Lustre).

Wearing a super nude or bright red lipsticks, I always prefer my lipsticks to be pigmented and opaque. Hence I tend to buy mostly MAC's amp creams, mattes and satins as well as Nars's matte lipsticks and velvet matte pencils. I do occasionally wear other formulas but these three, especially MAC's amp creams, are my favourites!

Share your favourite lipstick texture (and brand) in comments and please use the poll on the right hand side to vote.

4 Responses to "Thursday Poll: Best Lipstick Texture"

  1. Lady Gray Says:

    I love MAC Matte's. I love how they look on me and their staying power :)

  2. Fintia Says:

    I love mattes and aplifieds ;-)

  3. Shayla Says:

    I can see why Thursdays are a good day for you :)

    I chose other, because I really don't pay attention to lipstick finishes...I go by whether I like the color or not!

  4. Shadowy Lady Says:

    Lady Graye and Fintia - I agree, mattes and amplified are great as they're pigmented. In the poll results though, most ppl picked misturizing and sheer.

    Shayla - You're lucky, I can't really do most glazes and lustres as my lips are very pigmented, kinda like a fuchsia pink.

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